Just got my first closed beta invite.

This is kind of exciting for me. Yesterday I just got my first closed beta invite for an MMO. I've participated in plenty of open betas including wow and all of it's expansions, city of heroes and villains, and a couple of other fly by night games.   
Kind of a minor thing to be stoked about but it made my day.


Finally got access to my WoW account again.

After a winter long break from WoW I tried to access my account to find that it was hacked.  
The whole thing started about 2 weeks ago when I reinstalled. I go to log in and my battlenet log in wasn't working. After several emails back and forth with billing and gms I got back all my healing gear, some trade skill stuff and a few "flavor" items I have for screwing around (like my fishing gear and my fire enchanted broom).  
It feels good to be back again but I'm vastly undergeared for trying out ICC. 


Finished Silent Hill Shattered Memories

Man they weren't kidding around with the profiling thing. I went through the whole game just being myself not going for any particular ending and it did a pretty damn good job reading me.   
I didn't expect the twist during the final moments of the game either. Kinda rare actually. I'm pretty good at guessing those ahead of time usually.  
I ended up with the "broken" and "wicked and weak" endings. Overall it was the most satisfying journey into Silent Hill since 2. 


DC Douglas Tea Party PSA


  DC Douglas of video game voice acting fame (albert wesker and legion among others) released a politically motivated PSA.  I thought it was pretty funny. 

Just got a Motorolla Droid.

Well our 2 years is up for verizon and Sara and I just got new phones.  
I chose the Motorolla Droid and she got the Devour. Playing around with it so far is pretty fun. Anyone else out there have a droid? Any recommendations on apps?


Funny timing and the possible death of my car.

Last night Sara and I were talking about how my car is old and in bad shape and that it might be a good idea to look at replacing it.
Well that jinxed "The Warrior" (96 mazda protege I named since I've put it through so much). Today on the bypass it broke down on me. 
The strangest part of this situation was that after my wife picked me up we were sitting in the car and I was talking about how much I love/hate my car and how I am a bit remiss about letting him go, the song Time after Time comes on the radio.
I shit you not, it was like the hand of fate was encouraging me to have a mental montage a kin to an 80's movie about all the good times I've had with my car.


I'm getting how much back? (and community input on pc parts)

Holy goat shit I just found out I'm getting back $10,000 from taxes. 


Having a baby and buying a house really pays off in tax credits it seems.
Anyway as a gaming related note I now have some extra cheese to rebuild and upgrade my old desktop. It stopped working about a year ago when the motherboard stopped posting and I never got around to doing anything about it. 
Anyone have any suggestions for good motherboard and processors? What do you guys run?

RIP 360

This isn't an console flamewar topic or anything of that nature. My 360 died today after years of use. It is currently out of warranty as well. 
It is a sad day since I have spent so much time with the mechanical beast. His brother the PS3 and little sister, the wii will get lonely without the eldest sibling nearby.  A whole is left in the entertainment center where he once sat.    
Suppose I should edit my gamefly list till I get you repaired/replaced.