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Seems like no one mentioned Sim Golf but i remember him talking about how much he liked it. I should get myself a copy of that.

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"Hot Garbage"

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Tales of Vesperia. Especially if you're playing a little couch co-op with somebody.

Graces f is pretty good as well but I think I prefer managing mana versus the Combo Counter thing.

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In Fallout 3, shortly after the death of Billy Maze, I created him as the vault dweller. I focused on charisma and perception using explosives (KABOOM) and hording Abraxo cleaner. I also had a wicked addiction to Jet.

In Skyrim I made WWE wrestler HHH using two handed hammers and unarmed. Dumped some into speech since he can deliver a pretty damn good promo.

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Arkham City

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Obviously, you're a paid employee of EA doing damage control.

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Dead Rising convinced me to buy a 360

MGS4 and Ratchet and Clank finally pushed me over the edge to buy a PS3

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Contra 4

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Duke needs to be a joke to be taken seriously again. 
By that I mean he needs to retain his attitude and arrogance, while the rest of his world/universe laughs at him. He should be the only guy in the room that doesn't get the joke made at his expense.  There shouldn't be kids asking for his autographs or chicks giving him hummers. He should not be idolized in his world, he should think he should be idolized while being mocked.

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Planescape: Torment  
Baldur's Gate 1 & 2