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  wooo MAG looks really good I can't wait to get my hands on it. Good move to delay it a bit though and get it out of the path of MW2    

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back when Halo 2 was out i'd play anywhere from 8-14 hours a Day for about the first 3 months of its launch and average about 5 hours  a day for the first year it was out. since then i haven't played nearly as much. But when the Halo 3 beta came out i broke my 14 hour record and played the beta for 18 straight hours. very recently I played Halo 3 again for about 18 hours straight again and that still holds as my record.

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I think it's pretty ridiculous and it's also why I think the Wii Motion plus is a bad idea. Not because the idea itself is bad but because since it isn't part of everyones system it makes the amount of games that can offer it very limited. If it came with the system at launch it would be fine but this far out in the 360's life cycle it just doesn't make sense. I'd say wait and do it for their next console when they can have it ready for launch.

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Oakdale, New York

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yeah I have the same issue too.  The dates thing does make sense though.

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I prefer Rock Band because I've already spend hundreds of dollars on the system an 80+% of the DLC thatsl ike 300 bucks or sometihing. I can't  just start up with a new game and GH3 was pretty bad so yea RB FTW.

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friggin Utraviolet *cringe*