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Who would've thought we wouldn't get to hear Ryan saying "It's Tuuueeesssddaaayy, July 9th, 2013."

This is terribly sad. May he rest in peace.

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Sup, dudes?

I just started getting into Dota 2 recently and I've been playing a bunch of pub games and havin' a blast. I'm by no means awesome, but, I'd like to elevate my game by playing with a team. Teamwork and ganking situations can get kind of spotty on public games, so, I'm basically lookin' for people who are willing to play, talk on the mic, communicate, and then "pwn" some jerks. I figure, what better place to find sweet dudes than on GB?

Does such a league of amateurs who can't farm a zillion gold per minute but who actually enjoy cooperative team play exist?

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I hate posting a comment on a video game website, but I have a girlfriend so I'm making an exception this one time.

Just wanted to commend you, Patrick, on a great story that highlights an important issue in the video game world. Obviously this guy doesn't represent everyone else who plays and enjoys fighting games, but it makes the rest of us look bad. In fact, all these super ignorant comments on this article look bad, too.

I dunno. I wonder if this guy will be able to when it's so easy to Google all these misogynistic things he's said.

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At first I thought to myself, "Oedipus, are you really going to debate the merits of video game weapons on an internet forum? If any girls saw you, they would never do you." And I said, "Fuck off, self, I'm going to debate this."

Anyway, after getting owned on with the sawed-off, I was all, "f this" and started using it myself. Turns out, it's not an "instant win" button. It's useful and deadly, but only in discrete situations (and if you mess up, you're boned). You're usually left exposed and ashamed. Gnasher be damned.

Has anyone come across the situation where they blats someone with the sawed-off at the same time they're blastin' you and you both die? That's one of my favorite/most frustrating moments playing GoW3.

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Does anyone know what the trigger is for it? I feel poignant as hell when it plays, so I want it to play all the time.

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Yo, there was a version of The Last Stand on the original game, non-expansioned game, Dawn of War II. Have they changed it at all in this newer, Retribution version? Mainly: are all the unlocks the same? And did they add, say, more than one map?

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Did you see this nonsense?! Monday is in last place! I'm gonna need everyone to head on over to www.GameFAQs.com and show your love for Mondays!

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Two Bombcasts are better than one.

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Dear Sirs,
I am interested in participating in your internet contest.

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Remember the Bombcast where that woman was on, and said that the characters in BioWare games were done in the vein of what nerds would think "cool" is? I think this video proves it. Wrex was a likable character, his nonchalance really complemented his war-like abilities. But when Grunt said "I don't care where I fight, as long as I get to hurt someone," I produced an expression akin to a chuckle, but more accurately akin to an eye roll.