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Bear in mind that there's two kinds of that thing: The one showing you what direction you're getting HIT from, and the one showing you the direction where the enemies are merely aware of your presence and about to start shooting.

I'd call the former 'hit detector' and the latter 'detected detector'

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Why are these people so bitter and are riding the dick of "why no womens?" so deep?

Why is she so fucking bitter seriously? It's not that I care about these stupid video game critics and personalities, they need a controversy even if they pull it out of their ass, otherwise they can't stir up shit to make a lazy living off of, but why is the bitterness so enormous?

What a pathetic dick that woman was in those two and a half minutes.

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I just shat puke when I hovered over punkxblaze's spoiler, that is some puke-shitting shit, fuck this show right now it sucks and I'm done watching, but I'm not done ripping on it on the internet.

I'm all over Breaking Bad and Boardwalk Empire right now, gonna add The Wire and Newsroom to my daily routine.

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I sobbed like a mourning mother, this shit was so intense and caused me a great deal of sorrow.

The look on Walt's face when he sees his family cower away from him in fear, OH MY GOD.

Why is the consensus that Jesse will kill Walt though? Why ya'll mofos think so? This show is pretty unpredictable. Explain yourselves!

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Anybody got a link to a nice ol' free roaming stream of the game?

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tetchadesh achi

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It blows my mind that you people care about this stuff and discuss it, but to each their own

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Based on the footage I've seen so far, it seems that even if you commit a crime in the middle of nowhere, a wanted star immediately pops up and seconds later police cars magically come out from around you and chase you. Has that been your experience?
That seems disappointing that killing a dude on top of a mountain and in the middle of downtown have the same police reaction..

A dude just ran over a hiker on top of a massive mountain after a 5 minute drive up, and just seconds later, a cop car came flying from the mountain top ahead :/


@demmetje said:

Do you think the streets look emptier than in previous installments?

Does it feel if the city is alive?

^ this has been bothering me too.

Why should I care about GTA anything after Saints Row IV pretty much blew the formula out of the water?

I can't even begin to fathom a way to respond to this comment. Replace "GTA" with "Just Cause 2" and "Saints Row IV" with that PS2 Spider Man game in your question, and you might be onto something.