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This is our cat Luna. I wasn't a cat person before we got her, now I'm totally obsessed.

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@DelroyLindo said:

Hd is fine for me. I'm unlikely to ever have a tv larger the the 42" one i currently own, so any leap in resolution will barely be noticeable anyway.

Yeah, unless you're getting a massive assed TV, like, huge, you're not going to be able to tell the difference, OR, it's not going to be a big enough difference for you to care.

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You're not a premium member, so you wouldn't have seen the Radio Show, where they explained a lot of what was taking up their time, why they don't do more produced videos anymore, what the structure at CBSi is like, etc.

Is this info anywhere else? I am also cheap but I'd love to hear a "day in the life." I always wondered how they divide their time.

I've felt some of the more recent podcasts take a while to get going, but shit, it's 3 hours of free noise.

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You post this because you're having trouble with the maples? Are they quite convinced they are right? Are the oaks just too lofty? You know... cause they suck up all the light. Unfortunately the oaks can't help their feelings. Since they love the way they're made. They're wondering why the maples can't be happy in their shade.

Why do you wispier, green grass? Why tell the trees what aint so? Whispering grass, the trees dont have to know.

All this machinery making modern mus...shit, nm.

This was almost Peartfect.

Ugh. Get a Life, son...

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It's a paradoxically impossible scenario. What would happen if I then jumped off a building, if it couldn't change?

But no, I wouldn't. I like the idea of not knowing.

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I don't see the warmth of another human being in any of those pictures...

I kid, that's some collection. I'd be terrified of it getting stolen, please tell me it's all insured, or at least covered? OR, do you have two of everything and keep the duplicates in a safe underground?

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Yeah, I run a teaching channel with regular guitar lessons. I also use it as a promotional vehicle to shove my shitty instrumental music down peoples throats.

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@Napalm said:

I will say, if Jeff raves about Black Ops II and fights for it to be the GOTY list, I'm done.

It's not even out yet...

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@H2Oyea: I'm an Athiest, and while I never ask anyone about their beliefs directly, if they bring up the fact that they are religious, I do feel the need to open up a dialog about it. This usually involves a frank discussion about our beliefs, so we're both on the same page. 99% of the time we get on wonderfully, with the topic of faith being brought up in debate occasionally, but with no personal attacks. Unfortunately, faith can be such a polarising topic, it can destroy personal relationships. I always like to adopt the "NO RELIGION, NO POLITICS" rule, until new friends become close friends.

As for the original question, I'm often received very poorly. My handshakes involve A LOT of fecal matter.

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Tremendous. This:

"will and norm pretending they're employed

it is a sad scene

gina fights back tears while they record

it is a sad scene"

Made me sad.