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I like to kick ass and chew bubble gum.

I really dont know what too write here but um, im a PC gamer . I love online gaming the most, kicking ass, going on killing rampages, fun dungeons and just gaming. My favorite games are MMOs (WoW, AoC, Etc) and FPSs (CoD, BF2, Etc). Games like Super Mario Bro's 3 and Doom will always have a place in my heart though :). I also have an Xbox 360. My favorite show is South Park by far. My favorite movies are Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Harold and Kumar, Grandma's Boy, Clerks 2 and more.

My Xfire name is Phenom316       (feel free to add me)
My Gamespot name is Phenom316
       (feel free to add me)

Well im not sure what else to add, hit me up for any info or better yet, add me.