Warhammer Online Closed Beta!

So after a shitload of computer errors and a long download, i jumped into Warhammer Online closed beta today.
Now iv bin pretty fucking hyped for this game for a long ass time, ordered CE a while back so i getta try out the beta. Woooo!
I tryed out most the classes, but ended a Greenskin Black Orc as my main.

So this game has alot of phenomenal features, and amazingly, being a noob dosent suck!! You know, how you would usually not know what the fuck ur doing or doing boring things. You see all the places on ur map, exactly were quests r givin. The area in which to do them and then you kill dwarfs n orcs n shit. One thing i loved about it was how they have achievements, like kill 50 dwarfs...... As you progress you buy skills, blah blah blah you knoe how it works. This MMO though, has the best thing about every MMO and improved it. The PQs (Public Quests) are like you just go in the area, and you can chose to participate or not. Its like Kill 100 Champion (elite) monsters, ........, norm theres like 15-25 ppl each time and it repeats. Its rly fun, and in the end you roll for all the loot (0.875, 0.867....) and you get a shitload of XP. When it comes to glitches, well i hate when these pathetic fucks just whine and whine about little glitches, its NOTHING. So aslong as you dont stress about shit like that (and even if you do) betas can be a hell of a time. The lvl 20 cap pisses me off but w/e, im runnin out of bud anyways. Only one more month!

Its a hell of a game il tell ya that, hope u guys try it when it comes out. If you do, hit me up.

Woooo! Warhammer Online beta was pretty nuts.

O yah and if u didnt like this blog, i stole this pic from Shawn's blog to entertain ya'll

Megan Fox *drools*


Back from the USA - Caught some fish and some FINE girls

Hey guys, just got back from the USA yesterday

I left in the evening, and started fishing at about 4 am till bout 1. Caught some HUGE fish! Cant wait to eat these motherfuckers :)
Then did a little shopping, bought some games. Finally picked up CoD4, and Tabula Rasa CE for $15 ($50 off! three cheers for wal-mart!)

The highlight of it though were the fine fuckin girls! Dont get me wrong, in canada we have some hot club girls but jesus fuck americas got alot of em. So yeah, had a pretty good time. Payed like $30 US for some mids, gotta find a way to smuggle my stash across the boarder.

God Bless America!


1000 Posts and 5000 Points

I dont really care about posts but its interesting to see that i was the 10th person to hit 1000 =D
And i got 7000 points now, was at 1000 like 3 days ago, god i hated 24 hour moderation. Now i can do anything (create pages, set main image, etc)!


Xfire ID - Phenom316

Hey guys, add me on Xfire if you have it, much better than forgetting about ppl if your heep of friends.
Add me on Xfire if u want me to pwn ur ass on games online or keep in touch =P


The Bomb, Has EXPLODED!!!

I wrote a little more detailed blog on Gamespot (Phenom316 is my name) but here it is :P.
Extremely happy the bomb has exploded, have been awaiting it for a while.
Ryan, Jeff and anyone else behind the scenes have done an incredible job with this site and im huge fans of both of them :D. Its also great to see Vince and Brody join the team.