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Those bitches stole my idea!!

Haha, just to let you all know, they finally got a fuckin trial up.

I stuck with this game for about 2 months before i got frustrated and left. The game has really advanced though, if it was the lack of content or bugs that made you quit/not start, i really suggest checkin it out, this games gone a long way.

I remember when everyone was asking about a trial, well here it is. IMO its an extremely fun game, bloody combos and chopping off heads really feels good after playing other MMOs. If your a fan of the genre, youd be stupid not to check it out, especially now.


This is a brutal fucking game, try it out!
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Looks good

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Bud brownies.
Or salt and viniger chips.

Arkthemaniac said:

"The tears of orphans."
Mahahahaha fuckin ay

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Ah forgot all about Easter.
Just get ripped after work and eat like a thousand of those fucking chocolate eggs.

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Just got back from Texas, wrestlemania was fucking great, hope you all checked it out.

The draft is next week ay? Dont really care what the fuck happens their just better be another HBK Taker match.

TheGamerGeek said:

"TeflonBilly said:
As for Backlash? That six man tag sounds awful and you can smell that somebody on team Triple H is gonna turn a mile away.
It's also kinda obvious who it will be, Shane McMahon. I've also came to the conclusion the tag match has shit-fest wrote all over it. Not only do we get HHH! We also get Batista! Yay! Idiots. Randy better win the title and END THIS FEUD. Also, I actually disagree about the Jeff/Matt match. I thought it was great. I was surprised that I really liked that match."
Fuckin ay man.
Triple H and Batista....and Shane vs The Legacy sounds horrible, someone better get drafted and they call this shit off.
Wouldnt mind a Batista and HHH feud thou, not a fan of either of em but they can put on a killer match.
We also got the McMahons back, and this Legacy.

Theyve got so much potential but theyve got to fuck it all up...
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Yeah i used to have problems sleeping, a long long time ago.
Pretty much that, stay up threw the night and sleep during the afternoon. I know what you mean.

Started smoking weed, never had that problem again.
Even if im fully awake, just take a few big hoots and im out.

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Yeah next time im at a rave im gonna tell the bitches i once logged 100 hours of world of warcraft in a week.
Thatll surely get me laid.


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Sooo...today was the undertaker's 44th b day
You guys might think he looks old on camera, but seriously, the dude is fucking HUGE in person

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Looks like it should be on a nike shirt

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btw, sick profile pic