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@oginam: Wait... you're telling me the inability to lock-on to her is intentional? It really comes off as a bug, but now that you tell me you can light the room up it makes sense. That shit was driving me nuuuuttts in NG+ with those fucking pyromancers and Lucatiel's inability to stay alive when she's not walking herself off cliffs.

I haven't confirmed it but it seemed incredibly obvious to me that her AI tries to "hide in the dark" (basically watched her keep jumping away from me and the 2 player summons I had with me more than she actually attacked us) - so preventing players from staying locked on to her unless she is fairly close makes sense. I would imagine both her AI routines and the lock on range change when you light the room up.

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@spaceinsomniac: I wish the ESRB differentiated content better within the M category. Maybe the stigma of the AO rating is too much still but I feel like the boundary of the M rating gets pushed further and further. Both Cero and Pegi have more than just T and M, not much more but it's something.

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I was using fires as a way of reminding myself that I had been to an area but there aren't enough sconces in many of the levels to really allow for that. Aside from playing through a few areas with torch in hand (The Gutter, Black Gulch), I also found it really helpful in a later area to see where it is safe to walk (Shrine of Amana?). There are also some enemies that are attracted to light as well as those repulsed by it, so at least there is enemy interaction with the mechanic.

Besides burning the Windmill (which drastically changes the difficulty of a certain boss) there is also a place to light up the The Sinner's room which makes locking on to her during the encounter much easier. There is also a section in the Undead Purgatory that is quite dark but if you don't use a light there you have access to a vendor and later on a summon of that same npc for a boss fight. I suspect there are more uses as well though I am both a little saddened they don't play a large role or unlock secrets and glad they didn't lean too heavily on a mechanic that would restrict certain playstyles because you have to hold the torch.

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I've tried a couple times to write what I think about this and I just can't. What the fuck Kojima?

Kind of wish the ESRB would start giving out AO ratings for stuff like torture and rape.

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@patrickklepek I think Demon/Dark Souls' "veterans" are often times just frustrated by how the game is talked about. So, though you don't owe anyone an apology, I think it's pretty clear you understand the game by what you said above and I wish you the best of luck in Dark Souls 2.

Also, tell Jeff to quit being a baby and play Dark Souls. Just tell him it's basically a fighting game but you need to be more patient with your counters and movement...it's like Divekick, tell him it's like a more methodical Divekick - I think he'll understand that.

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So...does this mean there will be a Path of Exile video at some point? I still don't understand how no one there has looked at it.

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Considering the proportion of people on this site that complained about their internet connection not being stable enough to enjoy the Xbox One's initial online only plan, I'm surprised at the positive reception so far for this feature. Judging by the reaction last year, about half of you should never be able to consistently enjoy this.

Not only that, but a games streaming service is very different than having "always on" authentication. Games streaming is sending inputs to a server where the game is running and the video is sent back - you still have to be online all the time but now you also have a bunch of latency between you and the game. Always on is just a wrapper around the content you have installed locally - doesn't change the game in at all except that if you fail to authenticate (handshake with a server every so often) the wrapper restricts access to the game (though I don't recall the exact specifics for the X1, so that may not have applied to disc based games; just to cloud saves, achievements, and digital titles?).

Granted, this is an optional service and not the whole of the console but it is, to the player, a worse option for playing the game than just authentication.

I'm still hopeful that Microsoft rolls out an always on service that allows for actual game rentals (so I can play locally) and not this streaming games nonsense.

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Puppygames Humble Bundle is also worth checking out. It just started and if they reach $150k they're releasing the source code for the games. Which is both awesome and insane.

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@oginam: so having sex with a girl is sodomy now? Jesus, what will this forum think of next?

Maybe you should look up the definition of sodomy because that's exactly what happened; also, the point was more that she was doing that in exchange for drugs. I originally wrote "raping her" which isn't legally correct but when the party exchanging sex for goods/services is incompetent, impaired, or otherwise "forced" into the decision it may as well be rape.