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An obvious scam, official messages from xbox are not from gamertags. I just got an official one yesterday that had the message + an xbox banner where the gamercard would be.

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I would've been down with some 10 euro Rayman Origins, but I guess MS doesn't like us Europeans so it's still 25 here.

haha it was $40 here in aus ;P

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Just wait until Microsoft gives you 20msp on your birthday, that'll win you back.

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Also his mic sound extremely good.

That's cause he now uses an RE20. Gah! So jealous!

Get one, go buy one! nooow! Join us on the RE20 side!

jesus, $450! What do you use yours for?

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@Humanity said:

@SlashDance: I felt a little ridiculous throughout the entire main storyline. All these viking-esque Nords with their code of honor, tradition, large burly weapons and heavy armor etc. Here I am, a greyish little wood elf archer, constantly crouched, sneaking around bow in hand - about as far removed from the entire dragonborn mythos as possible. I honestly felt like I totally didn't belong - and thats correct because Wood Elves according to the Skyrim lore come from a land really far away and elves in general are not welcome in Skyrim. Still, considering the main quest is VERY Nord centric there was a huge disconnect for me.

Skyrim felt very odd to me as well, it seemed Bethesda banked on the player being a Nord far too much.

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I'll be the first to say it, but probably not the last: Journey made me quite happy that I own a PS3.

journey seems really cool, shame I only own an xbox.

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Huh, I never thought about playing games while listening to a podcast, any recommendations?

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The Escapist...

Good God, I had no idea gamers could be so pretentious.

Oh yeah.. and IGN for obvious reasons.

I've been watching Yahtzee for a while, what's wrong with the Escapist?