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i like double fine, at least they experiment and don't sequel their shit to death

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Hoping it's not as bad as it sounds.

Because of course, following the leader is exactly how you lead!

In a bid to, yes, "appeal to a wider audience," Dead Rising 3 has been given a brown color scheme, a serious tone, and a "realistic" approach. As if going down a checklist of bullshit PR phrases, Capcom also promises the violence will be "more visceral."

It would appear the publisher learned nothing from Resident Evil 6, a game that also ignored everything its series was founded on in a desperate, blind, pathetic attempt to grasp for an audience that was too busy playing Call of Duty to notice a poor attempting at aping Call of Duty.

"Thank god for Jim Sterling"

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I would hope so

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I am the nucleus.


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Lock Down is too smooth

PS: Anyone know when paypal support will be up?

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Well, they aren't giving us Australian money but I understood what you meant. =)

Paid Forum Posting is a real thing, an industry even. There are several companies out there offering this service specifically. Companies are doing their own shilling instead of paying 3rd parties, as well, obviously. We are also experiencing an combination of shilling with trolling too. I suppose, like many things, it isn't cut and dry, black and white.

exactly. I prefer to give them the benefit of the doubt instead of merely dismissing a poor argument as astroturfing

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Nice try, OP. I can spot a marketer a mile away.

The X1 won't even launch here on account of breaking privacy and customer rights laws.

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What promises? It's MS that needs to back up their lofty talk. Sony has simply said that nothing will change.

@ahaisthisourchance said:

Nice try, OP. I can spot a marketer a mile away.

The X1 won't even launch here on account of breaking privacy and customer rights laws.

Then there's this. MS has a very limited reach with the console. Sony's reach is global, which will make them the winner by default.

And yeah, it's never been so easy to see through blatant marketer spin. MS must be spending a shit-ton on social engineering.

Is it that hard to believe new members are going to register in the wake of e3? Is it that hard to believe some of these people might talk about microsoft? When a game is released & opinions are split, people go on forums & talk from both sides. Do you assume these people to be bought out & schilling us too?

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@ogred: Okay let me plainer: Titanfall is not enhanced by Kinect 2.0. XBox One with Kinect 2.0 does not make Titanfall better or even the superior platform to experience Titanfall on.

Kinect 2.0 might be very nice but it is nonsense when it comes to playing most games.

I understood what he was trying to say, just the analogy is shit

Never mind, seems like we're treading the same ground

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@ogred: The idea is that some things don't need superfluous features. A toaster is not enhanced with Kinect 2.0. Advertising the Microsoft Toaster One has Kinect 2.0 doesn't suddenly make it function better (ie. take bread, make toast). Take that metaphor and apply it to video games to see the point.

Yeah, I got that part but using the toaster itself doesn't lend anything to the analogy. It could just as easily be replaced with a vacuum or a sofa or a baboon that I want to feed bananas. A heart in analogous to a pump. Kinect is not analogous to a toaster + Kinect. But maybe i'm tired & have missed the whole point of the post