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I'm a hearthstone addict, and i've never played any card games before that. so maybe try hearthstone

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if anyone has any good ideas of what might be nice as a Ryan tribute, sound off, i contributed to both Ryan tributes that happened last 2 GDQs, Chrono and Dark Souls

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really didn't have too many problems, other than a few hiccups here and there, but overall i liked all the shows, and think it was perfectly in tone with what we expect from GB on a day to day basis, humor, randomness, and videogames, if time permits

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this thread got weird quick, but i still think it's fun. i sometimes go to howlongtobeat, just because, especially for some games, playstyle matters a lot. i've somehow seen vinny play a LOT of games, he's a good frame of reference.

also he's vinny and i can't help but look through his trash. if vinny plays something for XX hours, there's bound to be some value there

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@sweep: curious about his playtimes compared to some of mine

@minipato said:

@hailinel said:

@minipato said:

@hailinel said:

@minipato said:

@rjpelonia said:

You know those times where we have to take a step back and go, "You're being a tiny bit creepy again, community"? This might be one of those times.

Yeah, because looking at Vinny's logged videogame hours in his public steam profile is like stalking his family pictures on his facebook account.

But it is weird to see what someone has been playing and then post a thread like this, calling out a specific title and the number of hours played as though it's some sort of strange phenomenon in need of futher investigation.

I think you're inferring a more serious tone in the OP than there actually is.

You'd honestly be surprised. We've had some seriously creepy creepers creeping on the staff in the past.

Hey, if Ryan was willing to drink anonymous breast milk, I think anything else goes.

it was more partial joke. i was curious about some of his playtimes for stuff like sleeping dogs compared to mine.

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romania, bucharest (bucuresti)

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only NA? :(

i'm EU, do my cards and decks transfer over to NA? if not fuck it, i'll go all commons for a GB tourney.

someone HAS to make a hearthstone giant bomb crossover logo for this tourney.

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great idea. keep it going, perfect for turning off my brain and doing stuff

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hard to believe it's been soo long already since he passed. rorie said it best, that you can't fill the ryan void, just get used to walking around with it, and i say that as a fanatic (never said it's healthy) consumer of the site. i cannot even fathom how hard it must have been for the rest of the crew.

that being said, goddamn do i applaud the GB crew for sticking through it, picking up the slack and never giving up. vinny especially (ok, i favor vinny, NOW THE WORLD KNOWS), who has been the heart and soul and backbone of the site for the last year. not to say that the rest didn't work as hard, but man, talk about coming to work with a smile and passing it on.

jeff, brad, vinny <3, drew, matt, patrick, alex, ian, dave, and everyone else, fuckin A guys for hanging in there. i've never regretted my giant bomb obsession once.

Love Ryan Davis.

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