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Just out of curiosity, is there a "caged edition?" Whatever. Here is another game that looked promising in previews. Raven, the makers of the excellent X-Men Legends and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance series take the badass mutant of all time, played with bravado by Hugh Jackman, and wonder what would happen if Wolverine's claws weren't in a PG-13 movie. The videos showed Hugh Jackman slicing people's arms off, their legs off, using a live helicopter to blend a dude's head. Lastly, the makers proudly...

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Acid Clash 1

To say it straight, Zeno Clash is a great game. It features some truly excellent melee combat, decent shooting, gorgeous visuals, and one of the most memorable game worlds and atmosphere in memory. These elements work together in a great synergy, complementing each other to give you an experience of unending thrills and delights. Zeno Clash casts you as Ghat, a lean but tough young guy who just killed his parent Father-Mother. Nothing makes sense at first; your angry siblings jump you, a girl na...

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Manwheel 0

Wheelman looked awesome in previews. Vin Diesel jumping from cars like in the Matrix. Ramming cars. Freaking spinning around cars and BLOWING SHIT UP!! It took everything you wanted to play about car chases and made it ten times more batshit crazy. The third person combat looked wonky, but since the developers promised to focus on vehicular combat that didn't seem to be so much of a liability. All those great videos and previews are probably what made me judge Wheelman a big disappointment. All ...

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