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silver lining: Shawn Elliott can probably make more time for podcasts now.

We can only hope!

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Interesting that they are dropping DLNA capabilities. Oh well, at least my PS3 does an excellent job with that.

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Seriously, Nintendo is fucked. [...] Second holiday for this console and still no real new games. [...]

Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101, DKC: Tropical Freeze, Mario 3D World, Wii Fit U, Sonic Lost World, Wii Party U (just the exclusive retail games) don't qualify as "real new games" to you? Nevermind all the indie titles coming up...

Only on the Wii U will people use games like Wii Party U and Wii Fit U as "real games", and not just treatm them as another set of exercise games/minigame collections.

What disqualifies them from being "real games"?

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Really excited to get and play the Oracles games again, gotta get my Subrosian dance moves on!

Also didn't those games a bunch of weird link-cable stuff in them? I wonder how/if that will work.

They did mention something about if you own both they could be played together to unlock content and story in each game.

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Funny, I want to see her play a video game and how well she does it. She's doing this for attention, money and the power over men. How can you not see this? Jesus christ, I've lost faith in the people here.

Then why did you watch it? This isn't a series about a girl playing video games and her competency. She mostly seems to be doing this for awareness of the issues that are being presented. There's nothing that you mentioned for us to see because you aren't presenting any argument against what she is saying.

Your biggest mistake was having faith in anything to begin with.

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I have noticed a trend from a few dickhead users complaining about the fact that Patrick is in all the Quicklooks.

It's more than a few. Practially every time he shows up, people complain. There's probably a reason for that that doesn't involve a massive conspiracy. Maybe he's just massively disliked.

The negative crowd is always the loudest. That doesn't mean that their numbers are large.

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@EnduranceFun said:

Patrick has retreated to his Twitter man cave to be re-affirmed by his followers.

He didn't so much "retreat" but rather "commented when he said he would".

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@Ohvee: then why have a picture of them up, one with half of her baps out at that.. they are all talking complete shite in the article, all i found interesting was their picture. WHY CANT I RATE THEIR CUNTING FACES!?


Because it's in poor taste?

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@Ohvee: I dont get a say in the matter? Stay classy Moderators, it was a fucking ironic joke. Yeesh

Rating each contributor to the article on a 1-10 would/wouldn't scale isn't an "ironic joke" at this point. Sucks when your attempt at laffs ends up just being a horrible idea.

Better luck next time, I guess?

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Saw article, this is what I took from it..

Moar of this Klepek!

Stay classy, Giantbomb comments!

(thankfully the post I quoted was deleted)