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Thanks in advance.

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I got this RSS feed to work for me:http://www.giantbomb.com/podcast-xml/giant-bombcast/

Unfortunately, that feed only displays the last 10 episodes. The old feed had all 300+ episodes. I really hope this isn't the new feed we are supposed use because I liked being able to download the back log straight from my phone without having to download from the site.

Thank you, this seems to work.

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I deleted my bombcast subscription to try and resubscribe and it won't work! This is in itunes by the way. I keep clicking (subscribe free) and nothing happens! I even copy the link and try to subscribe under the advanced option and it doesn't update. What am I doing wrong?

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Generally speaking.

Mine is:

The fact that I may never see an ending to the Shenmue series due to lackluster sales, I may never know Ryo Hazuki's fate. Shenmue 2 ended on a cliffhanger and that game's over ten years old.

What's yours?

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Mine are:

Awesomenauts, Bioshock series, Burnout paradise, Call of duty modern warfare 2, Dragon's age origins, Dragon's dogma, The elder scrolls 4 oblivion, The elder scrolls 5 skyrim, Fable 2, Fallout 3, Fallout new vegas, Forza 4, Grand theft auto 4, Heavy rain, L.A. noire, Mass effect series, Metal gear solid 4 guns of the patriots, Motorstorm Apocalypse, Need for speed hot pursuit, Need for speed most wanted 2012, Red dead redemption, Rock band 3, Saints row the 3rd, Yakuza series.

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In Nfs: hot pursuit some gumpert apollo car came out and every race was basically won by that car. It was the easy handling of the car that made it superior, once I bought that car I was back to winning races. Now Nfs: most wanted brings out some hennessey car and a person on my friends list is beating my times now by a ridiculous pace. Now I could be wrong because I haven't purchased it yet, but if it's the car I think it is I bet it's super easy to control. The same problem with the apollo in Nfs: hot pursuit. I've come to the conclusion that I need to focus on one racing game a year and stomach the fact that I may have to buy all the dlc for it.

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nfs: hot pursuit, nfs: most wanted. I feel like I want to put on forza 3 here too, but I only went into one race, saw some guy blowing by all of us, took note of his car and then realized the car was only obtainable through paid dlc.

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I've been noticing that you have to buy dlc for many racing games just to stay competitive in multiplayer. I find releasing superior cars as paid dlc in multiplayer games to be a bit disgusting. Am I the only one?

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Could they have let this fail just to get publicity?