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Manual vertical layout!

This looks ridiculous, I'd like the chat below the video without making the window narrower.

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Perfect for parents refusing to even try to learn about the 3ds parental controls.

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Same here, if the PC version is any good I'd love to buy it.

I remember trying to play the Double Agent multiplayer at a LAN and everyone timing out because the load from the lobby into the game was so long.

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@rocospi: Yep, there's no way you'll find someone to help you out randomly that will actually be of use. Actually calling up someone you know won't be fast enough unless they're just sitting there waiting either.

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Pronounceable ingame. I too approve of the conversations and support received ingame which has made this stay in EVE much more enjoyable than my previous ones. Looking forward to tonight's events.

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Spent at least 9 hours on the game though. There's a lot of cutscenes and optional codec dialogue and and the timer only counts when you're actually playing. Just blazed through it on easy to see it as I was actually pretty short on time before leaving home for a few weeks. So yeah, I guess I'm more for the plot and spectacle of video games and don't really care if they last you at least 20 hours or whatever arbitrary number people obsess over these days.

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The Jamie & Adam pictures are easily adblockable in this design so I like it. Too bad the text is part of rest of the logo.

http://files.tested.com/static/site/img/logo/tested-logo.png and http://files.tested.com/static/site/img/logo/tested-logo_v2.png need to be replaced, should probably not be too hard.

Thankfully it doesn't mention Jamie & Adam in the <title> tag.

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