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+1 on some of the criticisms. Mainly categorisation and grouping of articles and ESPECIALLY videos. I got into discussion with a dude here and I was CONVINCED there was a Naughty Bear quick look or a video that featured Vinny + Jeff playing it. I could not find it at all, but I'm certain it happened. So it's probably lost in one of the UPFs or Happy Hours that sadly a) weren't archived b) aren't linking to Happy Bear. Videos near multiple games linked to it.

They were going to do a QL of it, but it was the week they moved into the SF office so it never happened. Not sure if it ever showed up again though.

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So they had a Best Walking Dead Episode of the Year, but not best handheld game? Did I miss something?

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On the bright side, we would actually have a decent chance at getting a Mirror's Edge sequel.

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I had just gotten a PS3 for Christmas, and I had some money to go and buy one game afterwards. I went to Best Buy and picked up two games, Valkyria Chronicles and Sonic Unleashed. It took me a bit to decide, but I ultimately chose Sonic Unleashed. After playing an hour of it, I became nauseous from thinking about how I bought this "game" at full price. I have, and never will buy another Sonic game because of this.

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So are the videos going to continue to be uploaded to Youtube? This player sucks on my phone, whereas the Youtube videos look amazing.

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I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of Mac codes here.

Either way, I have a Mac for PS3. Looking for a Kaori.

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PSN: Frosty_Grinch

I've never tried any of EA's ___log stuff. I hope I enjoy it as much as everyone else.

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I haven't actually seen the 360 version, but if you go onto other forums you'll see people complaining about the Anti-Aliasing and some framerate drops. I haven't had any problems with the PS3 version though, it moves fast enough to the point that I'm not really even paying attention to how good it looks.

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You should always get certified when it comes to software development. It doesn't cost that much, and it puts you above most other candidates. That being said, these days not even having certs and a degree can land you an entry level job. Most listings I've seen over the years start with "Entry Level Engineer" and then you look down a bit further, "Must have 5+ years of work experience with these random languages we picked out of a hat".

Keep trying, but maybe look into freelance.