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My community is for 25+ people and they will just /block asshats and not deal with them.

Weird, most of my experiences with people from TOG (not in GW2, mind you, but other games) have involved me having to /block an asshat, although I suppose it's good you are trying to get more people involved. WvW has been ugly for Yak's this week.

Being a pretty big community we do have our share of jerks just like any big group. In GW2 we are really attempting to police our own but if someone goes too far let me know and if you have screens it will help.

The last 2 nights in the OC time frame have been incredible. We took all 3 orbs last night against some pretty tough opposition from BG. GoM is really not that good and we could easily crush them if BG wasn't on the field also. Oceanic is shaping up pretty good and multiple guilds are supporting each other even without direct alliances. We are one server and if we can stop the bickering that happens at times we really do good out there. Overtaking GoM even with them hacking the orbs like 4 times now. (we did it once but I think it was a GoM transfer bringing our name down)

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I am in a community that has a heavy Oceanic community (The Older Gamers [TOG]). I have an account here mainly to offer my help with WvW communication with that community. You guys are awesome and I strongly support your efforts in game. In short don't want your players but willing to help when I can.

Tonight Oceanic (tues. 9/25/2012) we are going to have an event were we hit supply camps and towers on all maps. If our numbers get out we'll go for keep takes like we did last night. Our main target is GoM. It has nothing to do with the score and everything to do with them being hacking exploit using cheating bastards. We will be taking any BG things we can but that is secondary.

We also have events planned every Weds and Sat. nights. We usually have 30+ members out during Oceanic. These are slow roll take a location fortify it and move to next location. We tend to focus on THE HOLY YAK LAND for these and push out to other maps once it is secure. This means a bunch of the time we'll have 1 group escorting yaks, 1 group at supply camps we own with siege to defend, and a few roving groups during the fortify. When we go on attack it's siege heavy and we attack specific target in ways that have worked for us in past.

My community is for 25+ people and they will just /block asshats and not deal with them. We also will help others when asked but will ignore orders unless they respect you. You are more than welcome to follow our zergs/groups around and help or do your own thing. Completely up to you. In game I am "Ludy" and do have the commander icon up some of the time in WvW. It's a blessing and a curse. Every person on the map run to it when you turn it on so it's more a spotlight than something I can use if I am just escorting yaks.

I do agree with Jesterroyal on the guild thing. [BOMB] is pretty well respected and by breaking up into smaller groups you'll just have more problems.

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I can speak for TOG in the OC timezone. We finally got the money together for our commander and are now running 2 events a week. The first real event was last Sat. and when we started the attack Yak's was in last place and owned nearly nothing. By the end of the event we had taken everything on Yak's Borderlands and pushed into EB. We had yet to climb to the top but we had moved into second and were making more points per cycle than the other servers. What we are attempting to do is give the NA timezone upgraded towers & keeps to work with.

I am that commander and I communicate what TOG is doing in /team and /map. I hope no one ever thinks I am telling or ordering people to do anything. I am saying what the people in the community I am with are going to do. You can either support those actions or do your own thing. It's completely up to you. That same sentiment holds true with some of the other armchair generals I see out there. If what they are doing is working I'll support them. If it's throwing a zerg at a problem and not working as a team I'm out.