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 A little history first.. 
My love for sim racing games started with Gran Turismo 2. I never actually had even had an original Playstation and had to use Bleem to play GT2 on my Dreamcast. When Gran Turismo 3 came out, I bought it and my first PS2. When Gran Turismo 4 came out, I bought it and another ps2 slim on release day to replace my original PS2 that stopped working. Then I remember getting a demo for Forza Motorsport for the original Xbox and was blown away and bought every Forza Motorsport since on release day. Needless to say.. I am not a "fanboi"; I have loved both games dearly, and have been waiting a long, long time for GT5. 
For the latest generation of consoles, I got an Xbox 360 near launch date and well before PS3 was released. Because I liked the online experience and the idea of achievements, I decided to mainly get all my games for Xbox 360 and only buy exclusive games for the PS3. I also decided to hold off on the PS3 until GT5 was released, an easy decision to make back before all the delays. Growing impatient a couple years ago, there was one weekend I bought a PS3 with the intention to return it on Monday after playing the free GT5 demo just to see what it was all about (I'm a bad person I know..). Ever since GT5 has had a "solid" release date (and then getting one more short delay before seeing store shelves), I started buying some PS3 exclusives and some Blu-Ray movies that I found on sale to get ready for the PS3. I still don't have GT5 or a PS3 for that matter because my girlfriend wants to get me a PS3 and GT5 for Christmas, and we were hoping for a GT5 PS3 bundle somewhere. 
Everything seems to be not looking so good for GT5. I just finished watching the hour and a half long quick look and I am seriously doubting this game. The only thing i did notice from the QL is the large amount of tire smoke behind the car when it was spinning out, and the fireworks looked pretty cool. This video comparing the AI of GT5 with FM3 makes me wonder what the hell they have been spending all this time on, Nascar and go-karts? 
After watching the QL, I was ready to forget buying a PS3 this late in the console cycle. But there are a bunch of other exclusives that I have been wanting to play and would be depriving myself from, and I REALLY want to watch the first two movies in the Robocop Trilogy Blu-Ray I already bought on the new HDTV I bought a couple months ago. So sometime after Christmas, I will come back and give my hands on impressions. But as of right now, I can only hope that the next Forza Motorsports game will be in 2011, and not for Kinect.

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After hearing all of the talk about EA's online pass, and generally having a negative feeling about it, I finally came across online pass when I picked up NHL 11. But to be honest, aside from having to actually enter a code in every time I open a new sports game, i think it can be a good idea. Not in it's current form, but a modified version. I can think of two things right off the bat that I know would make it much more appealing. 
First and foremost, the cards with the codes on them should also have a bar code or QR code that can be scanned with the vision camera or kinect. Even though I have the little keyboard on my controller at all times, it would just be easier and faster for the customer.  
Second, when someone activates online pass for NHL 11, all the previous NHL games for them should still be fully functional. This rule should apply to all games. If I buy the latest Madden game, or (har har) NBA game, or even Skate and Need for Speed, they should retain all of their functionality for people who get an online pass for the latest game in the series. So, if I buy the latest Skate, all previous Skate games retain their functionality. If I buy the latest Need for Speed, all my previous NFS games still work. If I don't want the latest need for speed, but I am really anal about that last achievement in NBA Live 06 that I didn't get (and is now impossible to achieve because they shut down the servers, fuckers), then I can just buy an online pass for that series of games.  
I just feel like Microsoft should have made it some sort of achievement law that any achievement can always be attainable. What if I like NBA Live 06 better than the succeeding versions?

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not a big blog writer, and to be honest, i am doing it for the quest. but who knows. i have been listening to giant bomb for a while now, and only came to see the site recently. it was actually all the talk about the subscriptions on the podcast that made me come look. i am really surprised at how well made and useful the site is, and the quests are keeping me coming back. it's also nice to put faces to the voices i have been listening to for hours on end.

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i want all my pc gaming in one place, and with all of the crazy deals we keep getting on steam the decision was already made for me.  but i really would like to see age of empires and flight simulator on the steam store.