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do you accept currency I've gotten from the future? its called bomb dollars. or maybe a picture from mount giantbomb-more? or possibly a greencard so you can live in what is now giantbombtopia (former U.S.A)?

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just looking at peggle made me stop reading. NO HUMAN CAN TRULY ENDURE THE AWESOMENESS OF PEGGLE!!! and besides...there would be several rage quitting situations lol

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random win ftw

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pretty awesome trailer. never played the first one. LOL @ the ending

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Love the site, love ya guys, love this feature. YOUR MY HEROES

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I think I, among other people, would be a bit better at answering this question. There are alot of people out there (like me) that are very very competetive. Like me its a matter of life and death (sort of). I could say thats a bit of an exxageration of how I am but my point is, some people take everything they do really seriously. But that person who sent you that message is probably some stupid 13 year old thats a sore loser so don't bother with that fool.

P.S. yes, I do go outside xD

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WOO!!! nice one Vinny.

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