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My Roku took it's last heroic breaths last night, putting me in the market for a new streaming box. The Fire TV seems like an interesting replacement based it's better hardware and ability to side load random Android stuff, but the lack of a functional Giant Bomb app would be a deal breaker.

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But if you want to really hate a story from the jump, try the PSP sequel out. Makes this look like a masterpiece.


Jesus Christ, that scene at the pool. I still have nightmares.

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Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky.

Not only does it have excellent female characters, but it's one of the best games of the genre in general. Anybody with an interest in JRPGs should play it. Hopefully they can port the Steam versions to PS4 so I can play it on big screen.

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A trail of bloody, unholy retribution. Any slight pang of rejection I feel is re-payed a thousand times by the screams of those that were foolish enough to wrong me.

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Tilled up and ready to plant. I'm more interested in the big-ass asparagus patch I planted last year.

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I've always been kind of confused by my feelings for this game. I really enjoyed it. I'm just not sure if it was because it was good, or if I was just happy that it was a console JRPG last-gen that wasn't developed by Compile Heart.

I should probably replay it.

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I'm not sure what you guys are fighting about, but a hamburger is still not a sandwich.

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We sure will. We'll also hear that all 3 console makers are going out of business, phones are the only viable platform for games in the future, and Apple is going to release a console that is going to completely change the game. In other words, the same ridiculous bullshit we hear every year.

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You're a better man than I am. I got about half-way through chapter six, fought a strong urge to bounce my 3DS off a wall, and vowed to never look at the game again. I did really enjoy the first four chapters, so I guess it wasn't a total waste.