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Keep em' coming. The more terrible movies that get made, the more movies I get to watch with Riff Trax playing over them.

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I will continue to criticize it heavily for not being Phantasy Star IV and not feel the least bit bad about it.

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Every new generation of hardware is a huge group of peoples first experience with video games. Remasters are great for them.

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The social links in 3, unless you play as the girl MC in the PSP version, read like they were typed by a room full of circus chimps on boring pills. Play Persona 4.

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Didn't Arc System Works have some type of Blood Rayne thing floating around the internet? What ever happened with that?

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Fingers crossed for SMT x Fire Emblem release date.

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@yummylee: Yeah, my days of buying Tales games at launch are over, but that battle system is enough to get my money at the first price drop.

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Is this the game with the team that did the battle system from Graces F and the writers from Vesperia? Or is that just something I imagined to cope with the giant disappointment that was Xillia?

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I'm hopping on this train late.

  1. Shadow Hearts: Covenant
  2. Persona 4
  3. Phantasy Star IV
  4. Grandia
  5. Suikoden II
  6. Shadow Hearts O.G.
  7. Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
  8. Xenosaga Episode III
  9. Dark Cloud 2
  10. MS Saga: A New Dawn
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Suikoden VI, or at least a new, real Suikoden, be it a remake or whatever. With Konami getting out of games, this might be a possibility in the future, but I give up.

Yep, such a giant bummer. It wouldn't sting so bad if Tierkreis wasn't such a mess.