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Thanks Drew and Danny for a great cast!

Alt+Sumo would be great fun. :-)

I also second the call for suggestions for a good F1 podcast to listen to now that is relatively balanced...

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I hope we find out how they convinced Six Flags that this was a great idea. I'm so glad they went along with it.

It's not hard, Six Flags gets Pub (it made the front page of the AV Club, so that's a bonus right there). GB may also have thrown them a bit of coin for park staff overtime.

Having ridden 230(ish) coasters, many at events that have ride time before and/or after the park is open (including my wedding where we spent about half as much as as "normal" wedding to get 120 people into the park two hours early for the ceremony and ride time plus lunch and T-shirts for the lot of them) I can tell you that the thing the park was most concerned with is that everything taken on the ride was secured firmly in place.

I can also tell you that I might have felt a bit woozy doing that (and coasters do not make me woozy) becuse of the disconnect between what you are looking at and what you inner ear is feeling (the same reason that many people can't read while riding in a car).

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2 minutes in... oooh, cool... 10 minutes in... Uh, no. I don't need the stress... (but it looks cool)

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The style of this game is No One Lives Forever all the way.

"Let's not forget what H.A.R.M. stands for."

I'm not finding anything out a future PC release... guess I'll have to dust off the PS3...

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Max would like his jacket back...

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Somebody figured out that this is the only way to bring back Cate Archer in a new game.

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oh neat, so it's basically got the darklands system of long term and short term health.

Wow, I haven't heard someone mention Darklands since the mid 90's. So many great ideas, such a buggy mess (which they did eventually fix most of, but it was too late by then)...

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$50 for all of these? Jeff either makes more money than God, or expenses everything everywhere at all times. Well, I guess he could have poor impulse control and shoddy money management skills too, but it's probably one of the first two.

Jeff is known for spending a lot of money on the dumbest gaming-related shit. He bought a lifetime subscription to the Star Trek MMO without really playing the game, he bought literally every game that came out on Game Room (which probably says something about how he'll spend his money here). I think he also bought one of those dumb Playstation TVs, or whatever Sony called them, without using it. The list goes on and on and on.

...and if you have a good accountant (or are willing to dive into it yourself) you can write at least some of the dumb purchases off as work expenses...

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This is super 90's in a sort of Alone in the Dark way, where you can turn the wrong corner and just die out of nowhere. If you can tolerate trial & error games like this, you'll probably come out of it remembering it as a "classic" many years from now.

...it makes me feel I've awakened from the Jurassic whenever I hear "...oooh, Resident Evil camera angles..." when they really mean AitD (which came out 4 years before RE)...