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Whilst I picked "Hard" I almost always play on one below max, whatever that is. So it could be Hard or Normal or whatever, depending (I think the most settings I've seen [other than Diablo 3 which is weird] is 6), unless you have to unlock difficulties, in which case I've really gotta like the game a lot to play thru again.

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I do have one question... how do you people find the time to watch everything that is currently posted?

No, really, I'm serious. I've got a job, food has to happen, laundry needs doing, yardwork, cleaning, sleep, baseball (okay, maybe that's it, but, even then I watch quicklooks on one screen and have my team on the other), games must be played. Hell, I don't have kids and I still don't always get thru everything that's posted most weeks.

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I contend that none of you have ever had homemade mayo... If you had you would realize that ketchup/catsup cannot contend... Even homemade ketchup (while closer) can't do it...

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@winsord said:

Dan said himself, I believe it was in the original welcoming thread, that he would in fact be continuing to do videos with his father. I don't know how that'll work out, but the man seems to have every intention of doing it.

Cool. I didn't realize that he wrote anything in that thread (frankly, almost all of the threads related to this are a trail to read...

I figure when he's there to visit (or his Dad visits him) stuff will get recorded, so that's cool.

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@sunbrozak said:

I know TNT was Ryan's thing, but I would love to see the return of a mutliplayer live-show that features the community on some level. The new guys could certainly help with something like that.

Agreed, TNT stopping was a huge shame, it was great to see the guys interacting with the community directly.

Well... except for all the whining about "Ugh, it's just another FPS, they're so boringto watch... Ugh, it's another fighting game, I hate those.... Ugh..." Everyone seems to forget how much hate TNT got... I liked TNT, but that's because I didn't watch it, I just listened to the guys talk (sort of like a bonus podcast)...

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...it's not just this thread... (BTW, I have only barely enough time to watch everything as it stands, I want your lives with acres of free time where I have no other obligations - course I'd probably actually PLAY games rather than watch other people [entertaining people granted] play thru a single game... more games, different games, more Encyclopedia Bombasticas for me...)... Ahem, excuse the aside...

So, anywho, it's not just this thread, but there a many, many people who seem to think that Dan should play lots of games with his Dad (which would be good as the previous stuff he did is entertaining)... but, in my mind there's just one tiny little problem... I do not believe his Dad lives in San Fransisco... Are all of you going to chip in to uproot him and anyone else who needs/wants to come with him? Would he even want to move? Should Dan travel to his Dads' every week to record content? Will you pay for that?

Logistics is a harsh mistress.

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@veovisjohn: You're close... but this is the real GB love theme:

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Caramel. Soft squeezy chewy silky caramel.

Damn, now I want some.

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@itwastuesday said:

one of my college professors gave me shit over this, and i hated it. i ended up completely avoiding the situation by entirely restructuring any sentence which might have included the phrase because they (hahafasdfasdf;;;;) would only accept "his or her" or "he or she" which is horribly awkward and broke the pacing of everything

There's only one true response to this: "Shakespeare did it."

Folks, I do believe that we can really end the discussion right here.

The fact that some nut job decided to codify and write down all the "rules" as they stood at one point in time as if that could stop the evolution of language is laughable. Ignore them as they were a crazy person anyway (read about them sometime).

If you want a language that you can count on to always be the same, take up Latin. Yeesh.

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I've got a laptop plugged into the projector downstairs (VGA - older and cheap laptop) and my office PC, 360, PS3 and DVR plugged into a 4x4 HDMI matrix switcher going out to two monitors and a TV. So... yes (unless I'm at the desk and not on the couch)...