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Also, since I'm posting anime wrestling video that doesn't involve that weird 'I wanna be the Strongest' or whatever it was called...


I was looking for a Tiger Mask anime thing I saw a few years ago and I wound up on one of those videos and... *shivers*

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2k15 MyCareer sounds like, so far, Season Mode from HCTP with Twitter and Bill DeMott threatening sexual assault.

This is a really good thing, in case you were wondering.

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So that was a hell of an intercontinental three way.

Just thought I'd put that out there.

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... I would totally buy that version of 2K15 if they sold it.

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can someone explain this to me? I remember it happening, and being bewildered as to why it happened.

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Well done OP. I laughed.

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Would Dolph Ziggler be more 'tolerable' if he was Adolf Siegler? Why are German names so silly to you guys?

If we're saying that Finn Balor, Dolph Ziggler and Hideo Itami aren't 'serious' enough then we're just going to go back to everyone being Jake Carter and Alex Riley and Troy Stevens and Kyle Edwards and Josh Matthews and whatever other 2008 Jimmy McWhiteGuy names you can think up. 'Hideo Itami' is a goofy dumb silly name for a silly midcarder, but Steven Keen is a serious main event name.

I think there are two ways to approach a wrestling name; over the top WRASSLIN' ring names like Magnum TA or The Undertaker, and more basic but "realistic" names like Steve Austin or Hideo Itami.

I like KENTA's new name because it flows well. Go with any other wrestler really, and the successful ones have a name that flows well. It just feels good to say. Finn Balor doesn't quite roll off the tongue the same way a name like, shit, Bray Wyatt does, but it's not like it's insurmountable. Ultimately it's up to the talent to get themselves over, but I think the big thing other fans point out is that creative doesn't really do the talent any favours by coming up with bad ring names.

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@brodehouse: Well if Dave Meltzer can be believed, Randy's been looking for time off to recharge his batteries and the WWE won't let him go because the main event roster is pretty thin at the moment. I can see this as a "Well this guy should really disappear for six months to a year but we can't let him go so we need to squeeze him in somewhere" move. I mean, how bloody weird was it to have him and Jericho wrestle at NoC? That was a match with two big names that had almost zero build and no heat to it. This whole summer has struck me as a "what do we do with Randy?" kind of thing. Ever since the Evolution/Shield thing ended it's been Randy bouncing from one heatless program to the next.

I mean, I personally think the WWE (if Meltzer can be believed) should suck it up and let Randy take time off because it's clear he's not happy doing nothing and creative has nothing for him. Let the guy go and be a family man for awhile and when they have something for him to do again bring him back.

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Is the thread acting really funky for anyone else? It's taking an incredibly long time to load and I often have to refresh to get to the latest page.

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Kevin Steen needs to remain Kevin Steen. That's a great ring name already. Finn Balor sounds better than Prince Devitt for sure, but nothing sounds better than Kevin Steen.

And Total Divas is the shit. I ain't even gonna front like it's so bad it's good. It's just good. It's like Tuesday Night Titans or an hour's worth of promos/whatever with Mean Gene inside the control room. Just wrestling angles. Pure wrestling angles and I love it.