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@gorillamopena: You're completely right. I don't think anyone could ask for a better introduction to NXT than that. What I'm worried about is when KENTA gets to the main roster and Vince and his bucktoothed cronies get their grubby ass hands on 'em.

I think Triple H and his team have a better understanding of what wrestling fans want and how to approach "foreign" talent. I mean, hell, Sami Zayn has an arabic word written on his bloody tights and nobody bats an eye in NXT, but considering main-roster WWE's history of handling "foreign" talent... yeah, a wee bit worried here.

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I wasn't aware that there was a ton of negative backlash to Destiny. For the most part the consensus I've seen has been a resounding meh.

Is that what has the OP's jimmies so rustled?

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@kishinfoulux: that's crazy. names are meaningless. people said the same thing about ziggler, but worse. his name is fine.

Fang McFrost. That is all. You think Austin would've been the mega star he became with that name? Nope.

Also are you really using Ziggler as an example? Not really helping your point. Names definitely matter.

Fang McFrost would be bad but people never get that name. Dolph Ziggler hasn't had a problem because of his. We talk about the Undertaker and Paul Bearer like that is normal. We talk about Edge and Christian like those names aren't bad. Mankind was never a problem. No one blinks an eye at Sami Zayn or Tyler Breeze now. People get used to nearly any name.

Heck you want Fang McFrost. STEVE AUSTIN is just the name of the Six Million Dollar Man because he couldn't think of a better name that night.

I don't see how that name will stop him. His name not being KENTA won't stop him.

The booking committee in WWE being incredibly racist will stop him, though.

Cheap shot, sure, but if the WWE is serious about pushing KENTA then they need to just let him be KENTA. Don't saddle him with shitty "Japanese-y" music, don't saddle him with a geisha who can't work, don't make him another expy of Great Muta. Just let KENTA kick people in the face a lot and he'll get over. Since he's starting in NXT I'm hopeful that will be the case, but long term I'm worried.

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Takeover was alright, but I'm more excited for KENTA Hideo Itami next week than anything that happened on the show.

Yeah yeah, great wrestling blah blah blah, but I'm not invested in any of the wrestlers at all. I see a lot of promising talent on the show, but they're not there yet, and that's perfectly okay. For some reason I can't just accept that this is a feeder/developmental show and it's expected to have kinks and quirks. Although I will say that Generico Sami Zayn looks ready. And it's funny to me that it took getting shipped to NXT for Tyson Kidd to discover a personality... even if that personality is "I'm Canadian AJ Styles."

So an bid for serious discussion, do people really think Adrian Neville is going to "make it"? I mean, he looks impressive in a small building, but I'm trying to picture him on Raw as something more than the high spot monkey like Rey Mysterio or RVD and it's just not clicking for me. Maybe I just need to see more of him. Guess I will next week since KENTA Hideo Itami is going to kick some heads off in the ring.

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I've already played this game in real life. I don't need to do it again.

@heatdrive88: I'd argue that even this is escapism; people are escaping the circumstances of their lives to ponder the circumstances of other lives. Escaping into a Space Marine should not be seen as different than escaping into a German expat living in France, deported to Germany and conscripted into the military at the beginning of the First World War. These examples should not be seen as different from escaping into a lesbian girl returning home or a small silhouette boy in a bleak and eerie forest.

The thing that makes me uncomfortable about games like this (Fragments of Him) is that I get the impression it's being tailor made for grief thieves. That's probably an unwarranted cynical response, but I'm confused as to why someone who has felt grief and loss and all that bullshit would want to inflict it on themselves again. I don't know. It's weird.

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Those Madden gifs are pretty great. Good job.

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I was skipping school. I was in an MSN Chatroom just hanging out with my buds when people started popping off about the first tower getting hit. I distinctly remember a friend of mine being kind of happy because her ex would have to go fight a war now. That was always strange to me. Then I turned on the TV just in time to watch the second tower get hit. That was the most shocking thing I've ever seen. First thought was "holy shit" followed by "oh my god" followed by "all those people".

Was a pretty fucked up and scary day.

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I get that they don't want to be called Borderlands without a sense of humour. That looks bad no matter what, but, hell, even Borderlands 2 had a satisfying ending that resolved the plot and various character arcs throughout the game, and that somehow didn't manage to hurt season pass sales or add-on sales at all.

I do have to ask though, on a scale between "Halo 2" and "RAGE" levels of bad, how unsatisfying/bewildering is the ending in Destiny?

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I got Torchlight II on Steam for around $5 on a sale. Van Helsing I an II are both on sale (this week) on Steam for $7.5. These are all good Diablo clones that are much better value than the $40 Diablo III expansion.

Or is what I say blasphemy on a Diablo III thread?

torchlight 2 is a good game but it just seems overly clunky and kind of slow in comparison. D3 is just a better playing game and without a lot of the pointless minutiae and granularity of systems.

The gameplay is great, but a big thing about Diablo for me is the atmosphere and the ridiculous Heavy Metal Album Cover artwork. I've played many an Action RPG, and none of them have given me the same kind of feeling that Diablo does.

I guess what I'm saying is that if it's just gameplay you want, sure, why not play something that isn't Diablo? But if it's the gameplay + the music + the art + the atmosphere and everything else that makes Diablo, well, Diablo; I see no reason not to dip into the Reaper of Souls expansion.