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Screenrant isn't so bad, but their comments can be bleh. AV Club is where I go to discuss television, but again some commenters are bleh. I think AV Club is the best of a bad bunch personally. Just avoid the political articles and therefore the politically charged comments (I have never seen a bigger circle jerk before), and you'll do okay.

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now they just need to release the NG+ dlc and the rest of my summer is fucked.

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@frostyryan said:

@zirilius: it's been so long since i played an assassin's creed game. I don't remember the combat being so close to batman arkham honestly

That's because it isn't. The only game that even came close to matching the Arkham games' FreeFlow combat is Shadow of Mordor, and even that didn't live up to it.

I don't think Arkham Knight is perfect, but it's a damn good Batman game. Some people don't like how a series can be iterative, but to me these games were pretty much perfect from the jump, so there's not really much to mess with. The Batmobile seems to be the biggest division between people, but I was salivating at the possibility of driving that thing since it first showed up in Asylum so I might be a little biased.

Then you've got another possibility, which is that the people who like the Arkham games don't necessarily know anything about Batman. Not everyone who buys these games is a comic book fan and aren't exactly privy to metric fuckton of fan service, easter eggs, and shout outs hidden throughout Rocksteady's trilogy. The fact that Jeff looked up who the Arkham Knight was and went who the fuck is that? should tell you all you need to know about where they're coming from.

And for the record it's not a bad thing. Some people like comics and some people don't. I appreciate that Rocksteady has made their Batman games for the people who love Batman, while making it accessible enough for other people to jump on if they so desired. It's all too often the other way around, I find.

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Leonard Cohen's "Nevermind" is pure earworm. My initial resistance to it was pure tonal whiplash, but after tonight I've decided it's perfect for this story.

And that opening had me laughing my ass off with how utterly bizarre it was. After a rocky start, True Detective is on the right track and now I'm invested in everything going on.

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I'm pretty sure that Eva Green is possessed by the devil.

Also this season was better than the last.

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I'm gonna need to see gameplay first. As it is right now I'm interested, but it does need to be more than modern visuals.

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I don't know why, but this thread reminds me of the times when I stayed up until 2 AM to hear a song I liked on the radio again. And how I'd quickly hit REC+PLAY in order to tape it off of the radio.

Yeah. I said tape.

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My favourite Batman stories are the horror stories. Villains like Croc and Solomon Grundy. I love the weird as hell Cthulhu vibe that most "Old Gotham" legends and stories have. I'd like a game steeped in that tone that focuses on the crazier elements of Bat lore. What I absolutely do not want is more of the same in terms of scale and plot. Arkham Knight has taken the Arkham formula as far as it can go. I'd like to see something more intimate and smaller scale than "Gotham is at risk" or "every villain ever wants to kill Batman tonight."

Oh and ghosts. I want ghosts. I may have just finished reading Batman Eternal, and the Arkham Asylum subplot may or may not have been my favourite part of that series.

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I was raised Agnostic. My mother believes in God but doesn't follow any religious doctrine. It's quite odd, really. The only Christian I knew of was my grandmother, and she was the sweetest old lady in the world so I don't hold any ill will towards the religious. To me it's impossible to say with any certainty whether there is a "higher power," and anyone who could tell us for sure is dead, so I just shrug my shoulders and move on with life.

I do wonder if we've got any Amish or I guess, ex-Amish people lurking around here. I find that particular sect to be nearly impenetrable, but they fascinate me nonetheless.