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Happy Birthday Ryan!

now I just need to stop crying...

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While I normally don't like to dismiss things outright, looking through his other works I have to say that I'm pretty sure this guy just says antagonistic things either to be iconoclastic or to get clicks (and I really hate the click argument, but it works considering how Forbes.com pays its contributors). I mean, he also wrote an article defending the clones of Threes while castigating independent developers for the sin of wanting to be paid for their work. Avoid him, he isn't worth your time and rage.

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Wow, I was really impressed. Patrick paced himself real well, was very engaging, and made strong and compelling points. Especially impressive given that this is his first public speaking event (although Giant Bomb videos have probably trained him well for giving a monologue to an audience). Kudos.

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I'm finding I do best with either Dive or Mr. N, but I really just love playing as Jefailey.

Also, I'm totally rocking out on the DK Bongos!

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That was a great interview. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping this makes it through Steam Greenlight, because I will play that crap out of some Divekick.

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Cheers Ryan. You truly will be missed.

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Welcome back, Rorie. It really has been a long road...

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So long, Dave and good luck. Please come back soon to be in stupid videos. Everyone needs more Hardcore Dave in their lives. In the meantime, I will continue to wear my flight club t-shirt in your honor.

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If you add to that the quirky and inventive mission/level design of Saint's Row, and I think you may just have the perfect open world game.

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I second Super Monday Night Combat. That game kicks ass.