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A good read Austin, thank you. It's refreshing to see someone recognise that serious issues like racism in gaming are not just simple binary oppositions, but, like life generally, a gradient of black and white (no pun intended), with a hell of lot of grey (I'm British, so please don't comment on the Queens English) in between.

Referencing American cultural imperialism, recognising that it is actually a thing, but also understanding that isn't the actual problem in this case, is brave, and gives me belief you can approach a subject objectively. I think the furore around sexism in gaming could also do with critical reflection from both sides. The reality is, we really need to understand how people, how society, parses and portrays these issues before we can make an informed critique of them in games.

It looks like you're trying to do just that, and I'm glad you are doing so.

Lastly to stay on topic, I would also add that writers, critics, bloggers, whatever people define themselves as, are not only trying to influence developers. They are also trying to influence their readers, the consumers. Indeed, changing the buying publics perception of a game or an issue within it, is of course, an indirect way to effect change on a developer. If you can convince a consumer not to buy, then a developer may change their future creation based on that. Money talks and all that.

Thanks again man!

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Look come on y'all this embargo thing until launch is not a big deal. Just wait a couple of weeks before not buying this game is all.

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Looking forward, I want to give you a high-level cadence of the latest updates we’re currently working on.

I have never heard cadence used that way. Is that being used correctly? It seems like she's going for 'overview', or maybe 'flavor', but those are both a really weird stretch.

Careful with that auto-thesaurus!

Yes, it's vacuous exec-speak isn't it? I guess what's she is saying is, 'I want to give you clear and regular updates on the game fixes we are working on.' Except she needs to sound very earnest and important so regular words just don't cut it apparently.

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I approve. But y'know?

Fuck Dave Lang.

Hey what? Gimme a break! Someone had to say it!

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"strangers things have happened."

What're ya sharin' Stranger?

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So young. Rest in Peace Brother. My heartfelt condolences to all GB crew.

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So, if you don't subscribe and/or you are outside of the US you won't see any videos? Is that how it is now? This no videos playing issue has gone on too long to be a bug that you want addressed. Ok. Got it.

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Is it something to do with your ad server? I was struggling and went through the vids on the front page today. Eventually on The Cave QL an ad appeared and then it worked. Subsequent vids also pulled an ad and then worked. Without an ad it would seem I get the ol' black screen 00:00..

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I agree with the above poster. I'm running Safari 5.1.7 and I just can't watch 90% of the vids. 00:00 nada. It is reaching the point where I come for the bombcast and then leave. It's reaching a tipping point.

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