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I approve. But y'know?

Fuck Dave Lang.

Hey what? Gimme a break! Someone had to say it!

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"strangers things have happened."

What're ya sharin' Stranger?

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So young. Rest in Peace Brother. My heartfelt condolences to all GB crew.

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So, if you don't subscribe and/or you are outside of the US you won't see any videos? Is that how it is now? This no videos playing issue has gone on too long to be a bug that you want addressed. Ok. Got it.

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Is it something to do with your ad server? I was struggling and went through the vids on the front page today. Eventually on The Cave QL an ad appeared and then it worked. Subsequent vids also pulled an ad and then worked. Without an ad it would seem I get the ol' black screen 00:00..

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I agree with the above poster. I'm running Safari 5.1.7 and I just can't watch 90% of the vids. 00:00 nada. It is reaching the point where I come for the bombcast and then leave. It's reaching a tipping point.

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Fez has been the best gaming experience of this year for me, and a gaming highlight from over 30 years of playing games. Truly amazing.

Now I don't know Phil Fish so I can't say if he is a dick or not, so I won't. What I can say is that making a game of the complexity of Fez with just a couple of guys must have been a tremendous physical, emotional and mental drain. Anything that you put 5 years of life into does that. Could you do it? How would you behave if you were there? Do you have cameras document your darkest days and ask you comment on them? Maybe you'd look like a dick too if that was the case.

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Wow. Just Wow. The trial is gonna be great!

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@SeriouslyNow: Dude, that is messed up! You can't be looking at that all day. It ain't healthy!

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