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I would say that as long as other aspects of your life don't suffer as a result of you playing games than he is in the wrong, if your grades are bad and you don't spend any time with your family or friends then he might have point. if you had your last laptop for five years it sounds like you take good care of your stuff and the argument that you needed a new because of gaming is strange, 5 years is plenty for a laptop.

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This is taking to long.

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I have been wondering what Brad does all day, Patrick is spiting out content left and right, Alex is putting up a lot of content mostly reviews, Vinny and Drew has a lot of stuff and Jeff is probably in meetings. I'm sure Brad does stuff, i'm just curious what it is. It's not like he wrights any reviews or editorials.

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Can't imagine how it is to drive without vision in one eye, how is Hamilton still in this.

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Kimi kimi kimi what are you doing

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I never get tired of the car mounted camera view.

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Kimi got hit by one of the cars unlapping them self, that's why he had to pit again. (according to Ferrari on twitter)

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Man that sucks for Kimi!

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Lewis is so paranoid! Getting a bit annoying!

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So don't drink? If you still want to get drunk try mixing with something that has a strong flavor and mix with a low amount of alcohol, if you are using vodka try mixing 1/5 vodka 4/5 something increase vodka part slowly. don't drink on an empty stomach.