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I just relished I spelled gelp instead of help for the topic.....is there anyway to change that?

You what now?

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tree fiddy

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lol techland

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@humanity said:

"Taking her kids to a, fighting game convention, whatever that is"

One day video games, one day your day will come.

Whatever, that dude knew that she was talking about EVO. He was just holding back his power level. You know he gets all hype 'n shit.

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Yes, elaboration is needed. If you are marking up prices on amiibos, gamecube controller adapters, then I'll go by that gentleman's comment.

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This game looks beautiful, but holy crap, I hope they improve those running animations. If they keep British accents from the previous game, I'm sold.

When he jumped off the cliff I was expecting him to smoothly transition into a mech. No, it was just an awkward-looking falling animation.

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@tuxfool said:

@corevi: yeah. I liked it fine, but the combat didn't blow me away. It was very different and new, which I appreciated. I really liked the exploration and structure even if there were a lot of tedious quests (which I didn't do).

It is a shame those guys seem to have absolutely zero talent at making decent character models. The old game had appalling character textures (likened by somebody to painted faces on eggs).

The models in the new game are better but look really derpy.

Yup, not really fond of the character designs in the last one and in this one. They revised Shulk a bit for Smash Bros. making his look less, as you say, "derpy".

Also the visible ass crack from that one android-thing was pretty distracting.

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People are recommending Whataburger as a place to dine at? Oh, those poor future sodium-fueled hearts...