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Now Atlus USA can start officially localizing Yakuza 5......Right?

Ah forget it.....It's a lost cause....

Don't give up, brother! You have to believe!

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I do miss the amount of effort they would put into a single video.

But yeah, they don't have a lot of manpower right now to produce such content. I sadly had to unsubscribe due to financial reasons (being a student, even saving $5 a month is a big deal for me.) I was greatly enjoying Breaking Brad: Demon's Souls though.

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Well, at least I have the older poster with everybody's autograph including Ryan. :(

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Yay now maybe all the kids from my university will stop talking about the damn thing now.

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I wonder if they'll do a stream while signing posters thing again...

Will nab a signed poster whenever the shit is fixed!

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I love them European leaked blurry-ass low resolution videos mmmmmm.