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I'm sorry about that, son.

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Oh Scorsese, you devil you. You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention.

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@rorie jesus what did u put myself into? this takes forever.

Yeah, doing this survey during finals week was a bad idea. I already have to answer enough questions as is!

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@hailinel said:

The same goes for the music, which ranges from straight-on riffs of old Mario tunes to the newer themes and fanfares. This is a game that's definitely going to be among my favorites in years to come.

Regarding the music, are there some orchestrated pieces like with the Galaxy series? I'm trying to avoid watching as much footage as possible so that it's fresh whenever I get a chance to play it.

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Holy crap that was a long survey. Goddamn.

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First Paul Walker and now this. Who's next?

Heh, yeah...

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@korwin said:

Great man has passed. Before people jump on the "fuck 2013" bandwagon... c'mon the guy was 95 it was just his time. Celebrate his life and his deeds.

But still, it was in 2013. So fuck 2013.


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"Affect"/"effect" mix-ups are a recurring pet peeve of mine. "Affect" is always a verb, and in most cases "effect" is a noun.

I'm guilty of this. Really need to think for a bit of which to properly use.

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@blair said:

I continue to miss Ryan very much. This is a really weird thing I found;

I was listening to the December 13th, 2011 Bombcast today (because I feel really nostalgic about December Bombcasts) and perhaps the most bone-chilling, ominous foreshadowing is done at the 0:05:30 mark. Out of the blue, Brad mentions 2013 games (in 2011! EDIT: HE EVEN SAYS 18 MONTHS AWAY, FROM DECEMBER 2011 + 18 MO = JULY 2013!!!) when Ryan says,

"I try not to think about that...the future. That's too far... There won't be an Earth by then (referring to 2013)." Then Jeff goes on (to Ryan) "...why are you worried about preordering it then? You're gonna be dead, what do you care?"

Yikes. That was tough to listen to. I was genuinely disturbed by that. A Laughable, innocent joke from Jeff at the time, but really scary to hear now. I really miss Taswell. Giant Bomb is not the same.

*cue X-Files music*

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You're a loser.