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They were just banning the memory units that were not official.  Knock-off HDDs are OK but if you want the "official" one then do not purchase them.  If you got the dough then go genuine.  If you're feeling cheap then buy a 120GB HDD from newegg and swap your 20GB out with it.  There are tutorials on how to do this through google.

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No but how about THIS!
*grabs dick*

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You're a sad, false, shell of a man!
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I think Quantic Dream wanted it to happen anyways to foretell of what would happen in the game.  Like how characters would die and you have to move on.
But yeah I think the kid squeezed the shit out of it.

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Happened to me around the evening time yesterday.  Was watching my brother being a dick in  Heavy Rain and then the game froze.  Had to turn off the system manually and upon turning it back on I could not longer go online or play Heavy Rain again..  Have the ol' launch 60GB phatty.

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I seriously cannot understand why people would play shitty games just for points.  Just play something else that would be more worthy of your time and money.

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I chose no since I agree with "Photoshop shades and renders everything automatically, it is much easier to slap down a bunch of filters on a photo and call it art, which it isn't."
Take a picture, add some lens flare and mute some colours, then boom- "art".  True artists start from a blank canvas and let their imaginations run wild.

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Your very nice for teaching people grammer.  They're minds should be uplifted with knowledge now.

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That Gamespot video Linkyshinks linked to...the interviewer was horrible.  "uhhh...uhhhm..."
Maybe I'm spoiled by GB's excellent interviews lol.

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Well we don't know if there will be console exclusive extras so just go with whichever you want.