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Гигантская бомба

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Well, Reddit upvote system is a shitty way to destroy any balanced discussion, but it's not like there was any in the first place, so i don't care.

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It depends, but females are always more useful if there is no easly aviable Ditto.

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Yep, i feel the same way. Just watched some guy's stream, and he just steamrolled everything with his starter, while his entire team leveled up. Game being toddler-level easy doesn't help much too. I won't be using that thing for sure, i just hope that old exp.share is in the game in some form.

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Eisenhorn books by Dan Abnett are really good science fiction, you can read it even if you don't really know anything about warhammer. Horus heresy is mixed bag, some of them are really good (first 3 books, Thosand Sons is GREAT) some are not. Anyway, i don't advise on starting with HH because it's more of a expansion for Warhammer fans that already know universe, it can be quite hard to keep up with everything for compltely new reader.

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Egypt, because they ahve crazy unit diversity. Hoplites, elephants, archers, camels, chariots, a lot of good pikes, they even have some barbarian mercenaries.

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Yep, it manages to run worse than shogun 2, while looking like a piece of shit. 3d model - sprite transitions are especially noticable, and i can't find a way to improve them, not even in Preferences.script.

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Yep, haven't been this hyped since Diablo 3. Can't wait to stomp some barbarian scum with my elephants