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Baltimore, Maryland usa

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I just got into PSO2 as well, I'll probably be playing this weekend on ship 10 if anyone is willing to show me the ropes

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Jumped into the demo and I'm literally stumbling my way through, and since there's no tips in the demo its self any of you monster hunter vets can give us newbies?

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@EvilKatarn said:

#1reasonwhy because when I tell people I'm a designer, I without fail get "Really? You don't look like you play games. Guys must love you."

— Alexis(@VernaVenisa) November 27, 2012

"You don't look like you play games."

Someone who has obviously never played a game said this. That's just so offensive I might go cry about it on the internet.

Why are we being blamed for this?

No one is blaming you, EvilKatarn.

Unless you actually are discriminating against women, you don't need to feel persecuted and most defiantly don't need to react like a victim, else the cycle continues.

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How are the vehicles in borderlands 2?

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Hey guys, it's been a while but im wondering if i can get an invite. i thought i was on the Google Doc but my name was deleted so i added it again. hope to play with you guys soon. account name is OmanyteJackson.1265

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Crap! i didn't see this till just now. i just put my info up. i hope i'm not to late. :(

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same i got half way though the demo and i got board. but it wasn't until i started watching letsplays of the game that i got into it.

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from what i played of the demo this is exactly the moble dungeon crawler i want for my 3ds. i'm wondering how the rest of the game holds up though

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Bears With Backwards Caps? Yes.

Story time:

Okay so, Digmon World 3 was my first rpg, It was my first exposure to grinding, equipment management, inns that cost money( Like what the F-), basically defined my taste in gaming. But most of all, it introduced me into card games. Oh my god that card game, the card battles got so damn hard that I had to painstakingly build my deck and optimize my builds against the cheapest ass AI opponents, from specialty attack decks, crusher decks, white decks, brown decks. It blew my 12 year old mind. But I loved the challenge, discovering new curse words in defeat, and perfecting my hammer dance in victory. So just around that same time Yugio blew up, and that was the game that was played in our nerd circles from middle school till the end of high school, which was fun, but I never got invested. Then collage happened, and there was this game called Magic The Gathering. I had no idea what this game was or how it played, tapping? manna? Clearly this game was for strange folk from a different world or something.

But now, 10 years and one 33 minute quick look later. My mind was fucking blown. I've basicaly known how to play this game. Building decks of the same color, the phases, 4 card deck limit, building a pool to summon stronger monsters. This was the same game and it has existed all this time and i never realized it. Fuck. Guess I better get a deck then.

tldr; On the off chance you possibly ever played DW3 did you realize the card game was strikingly similar to Magic? or if not, have you ever been introduced to another existing game series by a game that was influenced/inspired/rip-off'ed from it?

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