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My favorite of all time: the Bioforge play through.

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I'm In. Now off to youtube to figure out what the hell this game is.

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Sega CD FMV games. Sewer Shark anyone :)

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The 5th Element - 5th/5th

I've watch the 5th element close to 30 time, and every time it feels fresh.

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I'm continuously refreshing the front page...

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Random PC Games!

...and the ability to watch premium live streams on android phones.

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There definitely appears to be some sort of issue going on with the EA servers. My Origin client (PC) takes about 3 minutes to pop up the login menu. Once I'm able to login, it forces the client into "Offline" only mode. Without the ability to go Online. Which means no BF4 multiplayer.

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I just purchased the Logitech G710+ Cherry MX Brown mechanical keyboard. Its my first mechanical keyboard since the old IBM Model M (which is still one of the best keyboards ever made). As with all Logitech products, the G710+ is a solid piece of equipment. Its a good middle ground for gaming and typing.

But Regardless of what brand you choose.. mechanical keyboards are the only way to go.