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What happened?! He just got married!

I will pray for his wife and family. This is so tragic.

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@xxnbxx said:

I watched the whole thing and what stood out the most to me was the music. I will be getting the sound track at least.

The composer is the same one who did the soundtrack for the first Lords of Shadow. IMO, the first Lords of Shadow soundtrack is one of the best of this current generation of consoles.

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@bazza87: I watched VGCW for the first time last week, and that episode was terrific! I'm hooked now and plan to watch regularly. Keep up the great work!

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Keep it up, Jeff! 
Take this train to the #1 spot!

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Jeff, this is brilliant!

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Jeff, you are the best.

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@KaosAngel said:
  • No Steam Cloud...I see it's there but I dunno how to save transfer it?
I saved a game in the Steam Cloud last night. When you are in the Save Game window, there is a checkbox you can click in the upper left that says Steam Cloud. When you check it, it will show ten save slots available for Steam Cloud save games. Select one and save.
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Conceptually, I don't mind a reboot for the franchise with better narrative direction for Dante's character. But... that... thing is not Dante. Dante is not a thin heroin addict.
And Dante doesn't smoke. He eats pizza.

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@morningthief said:
" Haven't played since the patch... can anyone tell me if the Steam achievements are retroactive?  "
Most of them are retroactive.
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Yes! Awesome news!

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