Downloaded Scribblenauts during the steam sale and now I find myself trying to be super descriptive with each object. It's been quite the challenge to my creativity. It's a lot of fun :). Now if I could just get the time to make a proper Colossus from X-men...

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Classic Ironman mode is killing me. I thought I had a chance this last time with more sats in space and more veteran soldiers...not a chance. I think i'm on try 15 now.

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Mind Blown

So after the XCOM update went through yesterday I noticed something. My Alienware laptop keys change color based on what is going on during the game. Alerts turn it yellow, Ally turn changes blue, and alien turn changes to red. Totally unexpected and doesn't do anything for gameplay, but I think its amazing. Made my XCOM day.



I'll be happy when the Madden 13 Roster updates hit. I want to get my coaching career started. Playing as T.Pryor sure has helped getting my passing game tuned. Noticed the close quarters catches are about 70/30 for my receivers. A lot of dropped passes :( Maybe Ford and DHB will get a catch +.

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