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Fuck techies

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@seppli: Rollcage (and stage 2) were the BOMB! Also had soundtracks pretty much as influential on me as the wipeout series.

I'd fucking love a new rollcage announcement

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Played the alien Isolation demo at Rezzed this year and didnt even make it to viewing the alien before i took off the headset and noped out of there.

Probably because i was exposed to the first two films waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too young and now have a pretty gnarly fear of the xenomoprhs (despite knowing they aint real)

But they nailed that amnesia tension then amped it right the hell up with the setting.

Outside of games that aint out yet? Silent hill 1 and 2 were terrifying and the very first 'zombie cgi clip' from resident evil one when you leave the dining hall followed by dog hall shortly after meant i rarely made it past the first 30 mins in that game

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is this not just a #shotsfired at EA marketing for all of the Dinosaur material included in battlefield?

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Fucking congrats man - I'm glad you are feeling a lot more at peace with your own mind now, and well done for having the courage to follow through on embracing who you are to the outside world.

You've probably got a lot more experience in this stuff than i can ever even try to install in you, however if i could add one thing to the mass congratulations and support here, it's that people IRL (and even constant contacts online) will probably still be using derogatory terms in a casual context, and whilst i know you aren't the kind of thin skinned motha that would flip out and get offended by someone mistakenly slipping in a slur here and there unexpected, It still happens.
I was one of those dudes that was forever using offensive terms for gender and sexuality for comic and lighthearted insulting amongst friends (IE, an asshole)
However last year i joined a co-ed roller derby team and whilst it's easy to throw the 'big butch lesbians? uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh' stereotype around, it does remain relatively true - there are a lot of homosexuals in the sport both male and female, and as i grew a lot closer to my team and trained and played with them, i realised all of a sudden how fucking horrific all that 'banter' sounded, and how much they put up with it from a genuinely insulting place.

As such i've taken all that shit out of my dialogue, it shouldn't have been there to begin with, and it was never used to genuinely insult someone for their life choices! however I was still incredibly naive and it took spending a lot of time with people that took that shit daily to realize how unnecessary it was.

Obviously i have no idea as to how your family and friends act in general, or even how they have reacted to your 'outing' (apart from the one solid bro that kept shit tight for you) so there's a chance this may be a pointless ramble, but even if someone does let something unnecessarily slip, they are probably trying real hard, just takes time to kick bad habits

- a good percentage of people will be careless assholes that genuinely just want to be offensive and may even use your newfound confidence as a means to offend you, but fuck 'em you aint got time to deal with that. keep on keeping on man x

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Follow the money

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Silent hill Might not be dead, but definitely needs a reboot!

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Im still skeptical after reading the linked leaks form earlier last year about a sh aliens game where later environments featured clones soldiers and weapons - all of which could be incorporated well into an amnesia type game, but easy after a long time of potentially repetitive hide and seek gameplay to devolve into corridor blast.

I've always wanted a focus one one alien type horror game - as much as i love aliens, the first film was very much one of the scariest thing younger me was exposed to, and made me prertty shit pants scared of anything xenomorph related for the rest of my young adult life (i couldnt play alien trilogy on the ps1 for long, and used to sleep with the blanket over my head because i was afraid of face huggers getting me in my sleep)

They pull this off and it will be the greatest horror game i hate to play. Here's hoping!

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@opus: Ah right, sorry i havent been on for a few days - psn id is :- OmegaPirate