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Well, now 2013 after the Lv cap raised to 99 and two new jobs here is my opinion.

Kickstarter- In order for Squareenix to invest time to properly port this to a single player they would need to sit down and actually look at the cost to port this. From my coding experience if they had a team of 5 programmers (because that is all they would need). At the level company they would each make.....almost 10k for the project. Anyways getting off track. Kickstarter is a great way for them to take their assesment of cost post it and see if they can sell pre-orders. Kickstarter is a win win. We as consumers would win because we get the FFXI story experience even when they decide to pull the plug on the servers and game. They win because they didn't even have to spend a single dime to make the game. Plus the fact that Square Enix is doing a Final Fantasy Kickstarter is enough advertisment.

NPC - Really replace players with Story NPC's eg: Lion, Zied, Ironshield etc. Imagine you could do quest to unlock certain NPC's in the game not only your custom NPC fellow but one from the Missions and quests. I can work.

Monsters- Most of the game you can solo now with your fellow thanks to the Fields of Valor. But obviously monsters like Ultima and massive bosses like that require you to get in 18 man parties then they obviously need tweaking. simple math corrections.

If they did a kickstarter for this I could see it like this :

20$ donation gets you alpha access to what is going on in development and a t-shirt that has something to do with Final Fantasy XI.

60$ donation would be your preorder and all same gifts below 60$.

(something along those lines.) I would love to see a strech goal like bring the game to Linux and Mac to reach a even bigger audience.

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I have been looking forward to this game since 2011 when I first read that they would be using Unigine engine. Since then I read that Unigine is really pushing OpenGL 4.0 to its limits for benchmarking I thought I would try it out. It is a card killer for sure.

Back on the main topic I have been trying to get the team to shift forcus away from Inmomentum to move more resources to Dilogus and get them to atleast do a Kickstarter for Dilogus. But I guess one guy emailing the company all the time isnt working. I need help to get these guy moving on this game.

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@m3rphy:your not mixed up I am true to ARM series doesn't have enough power to run console sized games let alone pc games. But with the drive coming from their end to push the Desktop I can see it happening soon.

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@m3rphy:Well aside from the fact that android runs like this when running apps. Android os+ Java layer + how many apps your running = little to no overhead for the hardware.

Beside with the Steambox you are getting a living room gaming PC . so you have steam, XBMC and what ever the hell else you want.

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@m3rphy: That still didn't stop people from buying the PS3 when it first came out. With how cheap ARM chips can be made and they can boot as much processing power as Intels, making hardware cheaper I could see more steambox developers going that route thus creating cheaper steamboxes. Look at the Galaxy Nexus, it runs the cortex A9 and is almost a mini PC in hand.

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The big thing too is that Valve is creating a steambox standard. so it wont be one company making a steam box thus creating competitive prices, and In the end if they can even draw in at least 30 ~ 40% of the console market in its more money for devs and valve. and plus devs are saving more money not doing back door deals with consoles.

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@M_Shining with Linux you have options because it is free you can decide to change your OS, window manager, GUI. The community has been amazing to me and people who I have helped switch over.

Developing on Linux is awesome any app I make in SDL and opengl will work on every platform.....except xbox360.

Already 18% of all PC's in china ship Ubuntu and the numbers are still growing. Developing on Linux means no licensing fees and creating competitive prices.

So as a developer on windows you buy windows 8 pay for the licensing fee for directX then if you get on the windows store or Xbox live you are now giving M$ 30% for the first until you make 750,000$ then after its lowered to 20% take. Now this if you havent already spent enough on advertising to make sure your game sells. After all is said and done you now have to learn opengl and SDL anyways just to get your game or app on any other platform. Linux is everywhere.

That's why I feel bad for people who pay to get viruses. "Catch a fish for a man and feed him for a day, Teach him to fish and feed him for life." M$ has made people lazy, but I guess its a great tactic to make the masses complacent and they will never question. Rock solid OS alright.

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@sooty Ios and android have way more apps and games then windows phone.

So it seems the majority of the responses is that if the herd moves you move. Playonlinux is a front end app for wine allowing people to install windows apps with doing all that configuration. I'm know enough about computers to get by, I learned over the 3 years as situations arose on what to do. Ubuntu has made great strides to make the is dumbed down enough so the masses could have an easy transition. Yeah they don't have billions of dollars to buy their way through every issue they have. I personally stopped playing anything by EA as they have ruined the industry by forcing consumers to pay for content that should have been in the games in the first place. Opengl has proven that it is just as be just as good if not better then directx .plus opengl is updated by game companies and not a single system API.

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@sooty said:

How about some games.

define games? Triple A titles, Indie titles. Because there are games on Linux now and on Steam and Desura. Define what you bluntly and vaguely said.

Games would be a great place to start. My family used Linux back in the day (well we went through a Linux phase that lasted a whopping one month) and the one thing I remembered hating hit for was that all my PC games didn't work on it. Don't get me wrong the games on it were kinda fun but Tux Type can only get you so far.

If I could play my Bethesda games with mods that would be just peachy.

Did the games not work because you didn't know how to use wine? Or you had a idea of what wine did, but didn't want to bother learning how-to use it. But over all more Triple A title support is what you want.