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You put more work into that MS Paint Machinarium comic than Borderlands spent on their entire script! But seriously folks...

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What if there were a popular gaming website that hosts images for games in a wiki-like format that also includes fan art? What would be worse if they grabbed photos for their promo slots from Google image search without regards to copyright.

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Great Ziggys, Mento. Don't worry about scaling back on comics, it was meant to get you to this point. Now that you're on the inside initiate phase 2. muhaha

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That's usually their beat. Unless you already preordered The Witch and the Hundred Knights I would wait. Amazon had it up for $20 at one point and if you preordered then that's what it would be locked at. Right now the price is back up to $50.

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@mento said:

@omghisam: I've still got 9 commission blogs I haven't forgotten about, don't worry.

Now that you're part of THE ESTABLISHMENT, I look forward to your Dark Souls/Windjammers based comics, per the new direction of

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As the man behind the man, I expect special treatment. At least three youtube spam threads or "I heard Brad's leaving!" comments a month.

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Her argument wasn't GB is sexist for not liking TR it's that there are few women in the room during goty discussions.minority opinions aren't considered, so it's a systemic problem not particular to just Jeff and the gang. Maybe allow for nuisance in other peoples arguments without jumping to grab your pitchforks to defend vidyagames.

Also this isn't clickbait because it's a medium article without ads. At worst it's just an opinion piece you may not agree with.

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That's a lame flamebaity of summarizing her article.

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I completely forgot about that whole period where Square was making FFVII sequel/prequels tricking you into thinking they were building up to FFVII-2 or a HD remake without ever doing it. You just sold a copy of Crisis Core, forward this as an invoice to Square Enix for your cut of the $15 PSP games cost now a days.

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I was pretty sure AJ was dropping the title to Natalya at the ppv because of Total Divas. But with this new Meltzer info of AJ going crazy at Tribute to the troops show I now expect the match to be turned into a 20 second burial job.

Yikes I had to google around to find the story you're referring to. It's just as well. Nattie has been there forever and had to put up with so many terrible storylines, she should get another run with the title.