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I think it's odd how gamers fought tooth and nail against the idea that video games made people violent, but when someone says they make people sexist everyone just accepts it as fact.

There has been correlative evidence that exposure to sexism in video games makes the player more tolerate of sexism in real life.

Unlike violence, where crime rates have gone down, sexual harassment is still a huge problem that hasn't gone away over time so it should be looked at differently.

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@yukoasho: None of that is true. Modern feminism has given us the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009, expansion of contraceptive care and abortion rights, rape prevention on college campuses, maternity and paternity leave. I suspect you have a very skewed view of what feminism is in the real world. People on the internet tend to see the far fringes of the movement and teenagers on tumblr who are exploring their political identities.

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I still cannot understand your hard on for Xenoblade. It is just Monster Hunter with a plot. I played it for 100 hours and I cannot recall a single thing about it except how Britishy everyone pronounced "Monaaado."

Anyway, thanks for these many years of comics Mento. If you ever fall off the CBSi premium gravy train, I got your back.

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My eternal thanks once again to @omghisam, who was also kind enough to give me a copy of Shovel Knight recently too. (I suspect he might be a secret billionaire, or maybe this is all coursework for training to become a social worker.)

Hey there is nothing wrong with one man paying to read about another man indulge in digital entertainment. Look, I haven't done anything wrong, cop. Why don't you take a hike, cop. Thanks for Ziggys, Mento.

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Amazon sent me this: 46LF-JEN9-D858

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Woo personalized content!. Dark Cloud 2 update: I spent 5 hours last night grinding trying to make one sword slightly better than my old sword. I have no idea how anything works in the game and I'm 60 hours in.

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Despite living in Boston, I never go to these things. Anything besides the GiantBomb content on Twitch I should look for?

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You put more work into that MS Paint Machinarium comic than Borderlands spent on their entire script! But seriously folks...