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When Giant Bomb chooses to not hire women, it has consequences. When the industry press does nothing while women are having their lives destroyed, it has consequences. I would suggest every man in this industry has a HELL of a lot of soul searching to do about the part they played in creating this situation.

I am not talking about the death threats here, but when it comes to the quality of dialogue I think that there is plenty some women could do to improve the situation. The accusatory, dismissive, extremely aggressive tone I often see from certain women in the industry have done very little to foster a quality discussion.

It's not a discussion though. It's a stall to maintain status quo. That's what tone policing is. The aggrieved after having something taken away is told to calmly explain why they should get it back. Women should be angry and forceful. That's how they make any progress in society.

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Did she call the police and report it?

The threats were sent to the school she was going to speak at. They called the police. From the Washington Post article:

According to university spokesman Tim Vitale, the university formulated a security plan when they knew Sarkeesian was coming, prior to her arrival. “We were going to not allow bags in at all,” Vitale said. Once the threat was sent, “We added officers, both uniform and undercover, and we were going to empty the room and sweep the room [for bombs].”


Vitale said Milne was overwhelmed Tuesday coordinating with the Logan, Utah, police force, as well as the FBI’s cyberterrorism task force and behavioral analysis unit, to track down the source of the threat and assess the probability the perpetrator would act on it.


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The hysterical manner in which feminists engage in video game related debate is no excuse to scare a human being in this way, shame on the guy who did this.

Many people feel frustrated by the recent wave of internet feminists but you can tackle these people with logical and sensible debate, this guy is making all who oppose the ultra liberal-leftie video games journalists, who want to constantly push their political agenda in our faces, look like evil people which, of course, isn't the case. This guy is a dick and it's a shame that he currently represents the counter argument to all this hysteria, we're not all like him.

I hope you're cognizant of the weirdness of accusing feminists of "hysteria."

Maybe you should read my message again, I made it clear that I'm referring too "the manner in which feminists engage in video game related debate" and not the wider issue of feminism so please don't try to mislead people or misinterpret my posts and it's perfectly possible for someone who supports the rights of a specific group in society whether it's gender, race, religion to be hysterical Rorie. Being a feminists doesn't make you a good person, it is not necessarily a noble cause, it is noble when your goals are gender equality, yes, but this isn't always the case.

I'm just saying that the word "hysteria" has a pretty loaded history when it comes to describing the actions of women. The root of the word comes from the Greek term "of the womb" (hence terms like "hysterectomy") and has historically been a pretty great way of patting women on the head and dismissing their opinions as pure emotionality.

And throwing them into insane asylums

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From da rules:

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Did any publication out there mention KiteTale's "More than a damsen in a dress" video? I actually didn't know of its existence until the recent controvesry even though has been up for a year now.

Klepeck did.

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Unlike violence, where crime rates have gone down, sexual harassment is still a huge problem that hasn't gone away over time so it should be looked at differently.

Incidence of forcible rape is down by better than a third, including attempts.

It was big enough to be noticed in 2006.

Of course, most Americans believe that crime is getting worse. Oh well, they've always liked fear.

I don't think rape should be the baseline no one is really worried that video games lead to sexual violence. Video games don't portray and reward rape. They are accused of promoting sexual objectification and fostering an unwelcoming environment for women.

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I think it's odd how gamers fought tooth and nail against the idea that video games made people violent, but when someone says they make people sexist everyone just accepts it as fact.

There has been correlative evidence that exposure to sexism in video games makes the player more tolerate of sexism in real life.

Unlike violence, where crime rates have gone down, sexual harassment is still a huge problem that hasn't gone away over time so it should be looked at differently.

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@yukoasho: None of that is true. Modern feminism has given us the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009, expansion of contraceptive care and abortion rights, rape prevention on college campuses, maternity and paternity leave. I suspect you have a very skewed view of what feminism is in the real world. People on the internet tend to see the far fringes of the movement and teenagers on tumblr who are exploring their political identities.

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I still cannot understand your hard on for Xenoblade. It is just Monster Hunter with a plot. I played it for 100 hours and I cannot recall a single thing about it except how Britishy everyone pronounced "Monaaado."

Anyway, thanks for these many years of comics Mento. If you ever fall off the CBSi premium gravy train, I got your back.

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My eternal thanks once again to @omghisam, who was also kind enough to give me a copy of Shovel Knight recently too. (I suspect he might be a secret billionaire, or maybe this is all coursework for training to become a social worker.)

Hey there is nothing wrong with one man paying to read about another man indulge in digital entertainment. Look, I haven't done anything wrong, cop. Why don't you take a hike, cop. Thanks for Ziggys, Mento.