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I still don't see these when you @myname. It took me entirely too long to get Klepick. You Brits and your punny humuour.

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Aww you mean there was an X-E Quest and I missed it? "> Torgo used Snore! It was ineffective. > Rolled back to Mexico." ...and other decade old jokes!

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Mario 64 had the best/worst ice level in vidya games. NICE ZIGGYS, MENTO.

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You're over building for 1080p gaming. Unless you're going to upgrade to a 1440p monitor, you can easily run games on max with a GTX 670 or 7870. That much ram is overkill. IMO the sabertooth is not really worth the extra money and you definitely need to get ssd as a primary drive. It will be the single biggest improvement you can make.

If you want decent advice, reddit has an active community to rate your build.

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Stick figure Patrick is slowly morphing into Home Alone era Daniel Stern.

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Porting Witcher 1 would be hard. It's running on a modified Neverwinter Nights engine and plays like a crpg.

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I wonder what you call editorial content aimed at a large majority that affirms their opinions? Sounds kind of click bait-y as well, friend.

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Slow service usually is not the server's fault. You're punishing the wrong person and depriving someone of a living wage.

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Wait who said racist? The kotaku author was just pointing out words can have different associations in different regions. He didn't call the game, the character, or the developer racist.

"Just might not want to call it Starcoon."

"Cultural differences — we have them."