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Amazon sent me this: 46LF-JEN9-D858

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Woo personalized content!. Dark Cloud 2 update: I spent 5 hours last night grinding trying to make one sword slightly better than my old sword. I have no idea how anything works in the game and I'm 60 hours in.

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Despite living in Boston, I never go to these things. Anything besides the GiantBomb content on Twitch I should look for?

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You put more work into that MS Paint Machinarium comic than Borderlands spent on their entire script! But seriously folks...

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What if there were a popular gaming website that hosts images for games in a wiki-like format that also includes fan art? What would be worse if they grabbed photos for their promo slots from Google image search without regards to copyright.

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Great Ziggys, Mento. Don't worry about scaling back on comics, it was meant to get you to this point. Now that you're on the inside initiate phase 2. muhaha

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That's usually their beat. Unless you already preordered The Witch and the Hundred Knights I would wait. Amazon had it up for $20 at one point and if you preordered then that's what it would be locked at. Right now the price is back up to $50.

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@mento said:

@omghisam: I've still got 9 commission blogs I haven't forgotten about, don't worry.

Now that you're part of THE ESTABLISHMENT, I look forward to your Dark Souls/Windjammers based comics, per the new direction of

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As the man behind the man, I expect special treatment. At least three youtube spam threads or "I heard Brad's leaving!" comments a month.