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You're just lucky I haven't been making you do vegan propaganda and/or pro wrestling comics for the past two years!

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Bootstrap may be more than you need. If you prefer something more stripped down, Skeleton has less bloat.

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@donkeycow: No one is taking away your video gaming. They're criticizing the things about something THEY don't like. With their words. If I said I didn't like Phillip Glass music that doesn't prevent Phillip Glass from composing. He has an audience and he composes for that audience. I'm still allowed to express my opinion.

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I still don't see these when you @myname. It took me entirely too long to get Klepick. You Brits and your punny humuour.

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Aww you mean there was an X-E Quest and I missed it? "> Torgo used Snore! It was ineffective. > Rolled back to Mexico." ...and other decade old jokes!

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Mario 64 had the best/worst ice level in vidya games. NICE ZIGGYS, MENTO.

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You're over building for 1080p gaming. Unless you're going to upgrade to a 1440p monitor, you can easily run games on max with a GTX 670 or 7870. That much ram is overkill. IMO the sabertooth is not really worth the extra money and you definitely need to get ssd as a primary drive. It will be the single biggest improvement you can make.

If you want decent advice, reddit has an active community to rate your build.

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Stick figure Patrick is slowly morphing into Home Alone era Daniel Stern.

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Porting Witcher 1 would be hard. It's running on a modified Neverwinter Nights engine and plays like a crpg.