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@omghisam: Really? I thought the @ callout was the only part of the notification system that had survived the switch.

I and a few others have been grumbling about the activity feed, but I believe the agenda for Dave, Alexis and the engineers was to make sure GB was working before moving onto Comic Vine's similar make-over. I guess once that's done (after they make sure it works) they'll come back and start restoring our beloved notifications, friend activity feeds and followed blogs side-bar. It's kind of unsatisfying to post all these things into a vacuum, the best efforts of ZombiePie to highlight everything he can notwithstanding.

I received this callout notification but not the original one from the blog post. Weird.

If it never gets fixed you Brits can go all gamebomb and start

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Finally the Mento vs. VGK showdown we've all been waiting for!

Edit: Also totally lame I didn't know of this blog post until I went looking for it. Dave really needs to fix the activity feed. I don't pay for (multiple) gold accounts for nuttin'.

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Great! Those video games & Guillermo del Toro and video games & James Cameron hot collabos have been dynamite!

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Have I mentioned you draw MS Paint furniture freakishly well?

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Korean MMO Jeff would be way into Girls Generation instead of Bay Area Hip Hop. I don't like Korean MMO Jeff.

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it's funny

whenever people say I don't mean to be X, they are always X; ALWAYS.

own up to it at least, come on. mad jerk move.

Kinda like how when people go "No offence but..." The next words out or their mouth is always offensive and they feel secure enough that I wouldn't punch them in the face and force them to pay for new teeth because they said "No offence" first. How wrong they were

"Don't take this personally, but I hate you, as a person. "

It's totally fine, but this is getting annoying.

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Still waiting on someone, anyone, to bring up one thing, anything, that Sarkeesian has said that they take offense to. I see a whole lot of 'Well I'm a Feminist, but not that kind of Feminist' which I still fail to grok any meaning of.

It's already been done quite extensively for you. How about doing research on your own instead of asking for proof to be laid at your feet?

Discursive =/= extensive.

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@depecheload: I like how being critical of Sarkeesian means we automatically hate women. How about I hate people who are narrow minded, untalented, manipulative, misinformed, disinformative and just plain liars?

:eyeroll: coming from the guy who clutters up my facebook feed with rape jokes.

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@bushpusherr: Except Anita has been posting updates about expanding the project, buying games, hiring on researchers, buying new recording equipment.

The project expanded, so she took more time ramping up. How fucking long have we waited for Vinny and Drew to get their production stuff together after the CBSi buyout?

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