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oof, that madonna-whore complex can be rough. On the bright side maybe you'll have a better opinion of trashy looking models. Maybe they're cool and nerdy multifaceted people as well.

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I am very pleased. You may have shot yourself in the foot, if we continue this sponsorship into next year all my future requests will involve putting hats on pokemon sprites.

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@notlupus: Ad hominem attacks on other users discredit any point you are trying to make.

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Just under the deadline too! My lust for crude ms paint comics has been satiated until July.

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@laserbolts Tef is right on. Both Hogan and Flair will need to wrestle to a pauper's grave because of poor financial planning and divorces.

Check out the Grantland article about it:

CM Punk is doing it right. Pay off your mortgage while you are on top and never get married.

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Stealth based action, on motorcycles! Escort missions, on motorcycles! Fetch quests, on motorcycles! I'm talking about the show, not the game.

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So much respect for covering this after they hit their goal and not before.

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I would watch all of these shows! Well, maybe except Klepicket Fences. I heard that it's pseudo intellectual, full of itself, and ruined the original nightly line up.

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The first Witcher game was built on a heavily modified Aurora Engine (KOTOR and Neverwinters Night 2) so it is a PC ass PC game. If you don't have CRPG experience, I would just wait for Witcher 2 on the 360.