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I wonder how the secret service would interpret a gift to a world leader with the subtitle "assassin of kings."

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If another Jim Sterling thread makes it 10 pages, I'm going to post the largest eyeroll.gif Giantbomb has ever seen. Be aware!

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It took me awhile to remap the keys to make the game playable. Why do any developers put anything on left ctrl?

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When I saw the headline in my feed I was going to complain that this was a Kotaku-like nonstory, but it turned out to be a proper feature article. How could I have doubted Klepek?

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I am still having problems with this too. I have multiple saves from the Ice Plains and still nothing. I went back and tried to make manual saves at the beginning of the level and at the end and Witcher 2 still doesn't recognize the save. The GOG forum is still trying to figure this out too. 

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No. It would only connect through steam as a copy protection measure which CD Projekt  doesn't jive with. The Witcher 2 is using a date check version of Securom Release Control with unlimited licences but only 5 computers being able to run the same copy at a time. The version sold through GOG has no DRM.

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I couldn't stand Dandelion's English Voice actor, so I just played it in Polish with subtitles, I'll probably do the same for TW2.

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Bought a zojirushi thermos for my mom for mother's day.

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Oh man,  Ayoade would have been a perfect Wheatley.

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