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I am very pleased. You may have shot yourself in the foot, if we continue this sponsorship into next year all my future requests will involve putting hats on pokemon sprites.

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@notlupus: Ad hominem attacks on other users discredit any point you are trying to make.

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Just under the deadline too! My lust for crude ms paint comics has been satiated until July.

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@laserbolts Tef is right on. Both Hogan and Flair will need to wrestle to a pauper's grave because of poor financial planning and divorces.

Check out the Grantland article about it:

CM Punk is doing it right. Pay off your mortgage while you are on top and never get married.

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Stealth based action, on motorcycles! Escort missions, on motorcycles! Fetch quests, on motorcycles! I'm talking about the show, not the game.

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So much respect for covering this after they hit their goal and not before.

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I would watch all of these shows! Well, maybe except Klepicket Fences. I heard that it's pseudo intellectual, full of itself, and ruined the original nightly line up.

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The first Witcher game was built on a heavily modified Aurora Engine (KOTOR and Neverwinters Night 2) so it is a PC ass PC game. If you don't have CRPG experience, I would just wait for Witcher 2 on the 360.

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I was in the same boat. I bought the original in 2005, played it awhile but lost interest. I just came back a few months ago and tried to recover my account. The customer support was really helpful. I didn't have any of my information, but they gave me the benefit of the doubt. I would say try anyways. Your '05 character will have some pretty cool anniversary gifts waiting you can sell for gold in game or "import" into GW2.

After getting my character back I bought the trilogy along with the Eye of the North and I'm having a good time. It starts off slow but a quarter the way through you can jump ahead in content and get powerful hero characters you weren't meant to have in Prophecies and Factions making the game super easy. The game can be played in chunks so I come back and do a mission every few days. I say as long as you play casually it can be a good time.