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So, it's ham-handed because it's an attempt at emotion in a big, dumb action game, but if it's context includes an angsty, awkward teenager it's high art (Gone Home)?


Pretty much. It's easier to relate to a coming-of-age tale about a riot grrl mixtape and even easier to make fun of shooters for having the same amount of subtlety or nuance. Besides, that was a game of the year. This one is just going to sell the most units in 2014. Journalism.

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I can't even accept this. Man, that's terrible. R.I.P. Ryan.

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Fast paced, exciting combat with brilliant music and gorgeous graphics? Please! I mean, It's not a real Final Fantasy because you're not waiting for your turn to cast Thundaga or collecting Triple Triad cards, right?

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@Anund said:

To everyone who says a hashtag on Twitter will accomplish nothing... well, look at this thread, and the previous one. Discussion leads to awareness which will lead to change. It's simple.

Occupy Video Games. This isn't a new topic and there are people in this thread comparing it to the Civil Rights Movement. No, THAT was change. This is a discussion that will lead to more discussion. And we'll discuss it some more until /v/ ruins that discussion and so on, so forth. I mean, we might get this linked to on Kotaku but that's... not really change, either.

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When I was being bullied in school, I eventually learned to not let it bother me. They could think and act they way they choose and I can't stop them. What I CAN do, however, is be good at what I enjoy doing and make a living I can be proud of. With every new #hashtag, we come a step closer to showing the world it's unnecessary and offensive to discriminate against people, regardless of gender or race or religion or etc. And then we go a step back when both sides turn it into a joke and make the problem worse. "Men are either biased assholes or emasculated white-knights and women are whining all the time about everything." That's all #hashtag is going to prove. Be the change without having to become a child solider over this kind of thing. Just scoff whenever you're asked an insensitive question and ignore it, don't let it be a giant blog post and people will learn to grow up much sooner. For those who believe this won't actually help, tell me how the alternative has actually made a difference. Actually, yeah, that's a good idea, we should discuss whether or not this stuff has made a difference. While indulging me in ignoring some of the sexist bullshit that's going down in this very thread, haha.

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Online chat is a problem because someone might curse. Friend codes are a problem because those people might not be your friends. It's 2012 and they've only just now realized that M-rated games and HD graphics don't ruin childhoods. The only reason this company is still around is because of people who remember the SNES fondly and still buy Zelda and Mario titles because "what if they become great again?" It's sad watching your favorite childhood superhero fall to a terminal illness.

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Perhaps one of the best PS1 games ever. Now with 3 people talking about it on GiantBomb.

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Thatgamecompany + something on Steam... oh god yes, I am hoping for good things to come.

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Thanks to Gareff for helping us find the button but, yeah, it's not working for me either. Anyone have any better luck or a URL for us to copy/paste?

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I'm still wondering what becomes of the UMDs we purchased? I mean, can you send them in in exchange for redeem codes or "PSN store credit" or something? What's more baffling to me is why they're still bothering with UMD releases (or, rather, why people are buying them) even with public news that reads "you'll only be able to play that on the lesser version of the PSP. Enjoy."