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Just picked up my copy. Happy to play with my vinnco Blood-brethren!

PSN tag is the same as it is here - OmnsicientCajun.

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Kotaku's definitely been moving in the right direction. Hiring Tina and Patricia helped bolster an "up-and-down" writing staff. I visit Kotaku often as they churn through and churn out a high amount of content. Hoping Patrick's voice, experience, and gravity will add to the quality of content they produce.

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Last nights Spookin' was my third consecutive livestream that I've encountered this issue. Encountered it the previous 2 UPFs as well.

Running Mac OS 10.9.5 and encountered the issue with Chrome, both in and out of incognito mode, and Firefox.

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Actively hooked up? 4 of mine (PS4, PS3, 360, and Wii U) and 2 of my roommate's (Gamecube and N64). Sitting in my closet is my now neglected Wii. Plus handhelds that see regular use (3DSXL and a Vita) and my laptop.

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If there's something about the game that continues to compel me to play - story, how it feels to plays, writing, performances, unique gameplay - I will likely finish a game. If there is nothing to drive me, I have no problem stopping. I recently put down Resident Evil 6 after 3 chapters and feel zero regret about doing so.

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Of the two, I've got Far Cry 4 en route. Though I desperately want to play both, I couldn't justify picking up both AND Super Smash Bros. Wii U in the same week.

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The first time I picked up Tiny Planet, I thought it was absolute junk. My range was low and I didn't have any other complementary items. On my most recent run, I first received The Parasite, couple that with a high enough fire rate and maxed range (at least on the pause screen) and finally getting Tiny Planet, I've got balls hovering around me for days. Plus I managed to grab the Holy Grail so I'm just flying over all pits, rocks, spikes, and damaging trails, and I just laugh and dance away.

I'm still bitter about my amazing run gone wrong last night though. I had Polyphemus, The Parasite, Dark Bum, and Technology #2 plus the wonderful compliment of Hook Worm. Cruising through everything, got to the Cathedral, and stumbled into a "6-Dice" room. The new combination of items was much worse, but manageable, except for the chance to teleport every time I took damage. I got Isaac down to a sliver three times before getting teleported out. I cried. Like Isaac.

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@nefarious_al said:

Anybody else have the sync game option take a shit? I have a pretty good run going on Vita that I want to finish on my PS4, but the sync option won't work anymore...

Not the same issue, but I just lost some progress. Yesterday I beat the game twice in a row and upon firing it up today, it tells me I've only beaten it once. This crap is the reason I stopped playing the computer version earlier this year. I would beat the game over and over and keep getting the same item out of the chest at the end, forever blocking my progress to the true end game bosses. I have my fingers crossed that it was just a singular minor hiccup.

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After playing a bit of vanilla BoI upon 2011 release, then really cutting back into it alongside Patrick earlier this year, it was nice diving back into Rebirth. Felt like coming home. I'm not sure if it's my comfort level with a controller (this game feels perfect on the Vita), or if the game is indeed easier as some/many suppose it to be, but out of 4 runs, I've died once (stupid orbital shots, worthless).

My first Mom's Heart kill came on the strength of the Ludovico technique and some paper airplane looking power-up - so strong, especially with a Holy Shield. I was able to cruise through the Depths and the Womb without taking damage, netting both achievements. This is finding it's way up there with my favorite 30+ minute Vita games. Just need to splurge on a 64 GB memory card to hold them all. 16 GB just ain't cutting it anymore.

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I remember Jeff talking last year about having a hard time filling out his GotY list. He didn't seem to gravitate strongly to really anything that was being highly considered by the rest of the crew, or the games media/gaming public at large. I couldn't have been further from him on the spectrum of considering last year's games.

The top 8 games on my list last year would each easily be at the #1 position had they come out in this calendar year. This may be the weakest overall calendar year for video games since I really started paying attention to the industry as a whole (maybe 2006 or so). That's not to say there aren't games I've enjoyed or ones I'd recommend. Nor have I played everything I wished I could have - funds are a little tighter this year, sorry Bayonetta 2 and others. But most of my favorite games I've played this year are games I missed out on from last year. Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World, Antichamber, Stanley Parable - they all stand toe-to-toe with my favorites from 2014.

Additionally, this year suffered the murkiness of asynchronous platform releases. First, there's the courtship of the independent developer, largely from Sony. Rogue Legacy, Outlast, SteamWorld Dig, Don't Starve, Volgarr, BoI: Rebirth all did come out this year, yes. But they came out first last year and for the most part remained largely the same game. Should they be considered for GotY? Right now I'm falling toward "no." Then there's the quandary of Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition. I had been dying to play D3 since release, but with only a Macbook Pro for my PC gaming, I opted to wait for consoles. Then last year, Sony showed off Diablo 3 as a showpiece for the upcoming PS4, so I opted again to wait, this time forgoing last year's console port of D3. So does Ultimate Evil Edition deserve consideration? I don't know; It's all very new and nebulous.

My apologies for my thoughts taking me a little off topic. But when I started to think about what hidden gems I'd recommend to people, I had to take to my list of played games from this year. And while I certainly think one should play Dark Souls II, Mario Golf: World Tour, Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Transistor, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Mario Kart 8, Valiant Hearts: The Great War, Shovel Knight, Super Time Force, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call, Middle-earth: Shadows of Mordor, Super Smash Bros. 3DS (and likely Wii U), and South Park: The Stick of Truth (... and perhaps Destiny...) - not a single one of those games comes without caveats and judgement calls when I think about the audience of the recommendation.