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It's not that I didn't like Skyward Sword. At the end of 2011, I'm pretty sure it found its way into my top 10 of the year. It's that I hold the 3D Zelda games in exceptionally high esteem. It's the same issue I have with the 3D Mario games - none of them are bad by any means, nor do I dislike any of them, it's just that certain entries didn't live up to the high standards set by the other games in the series.

So I suppose you could say, yes I disliked Skyward Sword. Comparatively. I found it to be the weakest of the 5 3D Zeldas, and by a significant margin too. Some of that actually is attributable directly to its misfortune of being the 5th 3D Zelda released and the 5th one I played. The world wasn't as memorable for me, the villain was weak and uninteresting, despite being released in 2011, it felt archaic in its game design (that fight - you know, THAT godawful one - repeated 3 times, reusing the illuminating the world mechanic from Twilight Princess, going through the same areas over and over).

That being said, it is still a solid, competent game. I really liked some of the dungeon design (the sand ship stands out in my mind proudly). This game's depiction and explanation of Ganon/Ganondorf was incredibly interesting.

OoT and MM had worlds that felt huge to me. And full. TP felt huge too, though with less memorable areas and seemingly more empty. WW and SS both portend to be way more massive. But while WW is purposefully empty, the sailing mechanic executed very nicely, SS boils down to a collection of exceedingly narrow, unexplorable corridors that you follow through the lower world.

But thankfully we've had some truly great non-Zelda Zelda-style games over the past few years. Okami, Darksiders, the Souls series - all I have scratched a somewhat similar itch that Zelda games have in the past. Plus, A Link Between Worlds was just delightful.

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You can attack mid-air out of a pogo to break the pogo.

Okay. I'm just being stupid. Great. GREAT.

No worries, duder. I feel that way often in games. Portal 2 had me shaking my head at my tunnel-vision/forgetfulness.

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You can attack mid-air out of a pogo to break the pogo.

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Come now, we can be friends. I love friends!!

Steam ID: omniscientcajun

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Sent my join request as well. PSN and Bungie account name are the same as my one here. A little bit of each part of what the alpha had to offer, whet my appetite pretty damn well. I'm excited for September.

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Team blue!! In the lead!

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Just got my code and typed it in. I'll be playing in an estimated 77 hours. See you guys then!!

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Thanks for the help, duders. I completely forgot about auto-uploads to the cloud through PS+!

Unfortunately, PS+ only allows 1 gig of uploaded save data, and for some reason NBA2K14 had a gig by itself. Since I've never had to download from the cloud before, this was the first time I noticed that monstrous cloud file. So my tale of woe continues, having none of my saves for the past few months uploaded. I've decided to take a break for a good while. I've got other stuff to play. Thanks again!

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So I was loading into the very beginning of the Act II mission, "Collateral" when my PS4 locked up and shut down automatically. It rebooted in safe mode and told me to not unplug my power cord (...OK). Upon relaunching the game, I hit continue on the main menu and the game told me that my save file had been corrupted and could not be accessed. Now the "continue" option is grayed out.

What do I do? Do I restart the game? I had put considerable time into it, bringing the entire city online, all the ctOS towers accessed, a bunch of the side content completed. All of it gone. Even my pallet swapped purchased clothing. Poof.

Do I put it down for a while until some more patches roll through? My save file is gone, I know that. But if I do attempt to play it again, I'd like the same problem to not occur.

Do I just forget about it until a later date? My wallet cries at the thought, but I really wasn't loving it to begin with. I really like some of the mechanics and I've found the city to be pretty engaging (which surprised me, after reading Jeff's review). But so many of the "game" elements (core missions, side content) - along with the story and the characters - have struck me as uninteresting and lacking. I mean, right there should be my answer to stopping, regardless of a corrupted save file.

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My biggest issue with the game is the way it presents itself to the player. It's almost as if at some point in development, the game filtered everything through Castle Club mode. That you can purchase new gear and customize your golfer only in Castle Club mode, but you can use your Mii outside of it - rather clunky.

As far as I've been able to tell, the game treats Castle Club almost as a country club. With the exception of Costume Challenges and some tournaments, all the golf you'll play in Castle Club will be item-less and more standard golf.

The Quick Round menu houses the Star Coin Challenge mode, which unlocks new courses, characters, and star versions of the roster (star characters gain distance while sacrificing sweet spot and control).

On the subject of tournaments, the same mentality applies. Item-based tournaments, Coin mode tourneys, Fixed-item tourneys are all in the Quick Mode tournament section. The biweekly Regional and World tournaments (along with select others) are in the Castle Club's basement, further separated from one another with Regionals on the left and World on the right. Factoring in the game's need to access the internet each time you enter any tournament menu, it further clunkifies navigating the game.

Also, the Sky Island is on the far right side of the outside path in Castle Club (wow, even typing that was unstreamlined). You have to complete a challenge to unlock it for use outside of Castle Club mode.