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I'd echo this point. GBO has been OK for me since I started playing Dota about a year ago, but it'd be nice to be in GB proper.

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I've long held the opinion that Sunshine is the best of the true 3D Mario games (64, Sunshine, Galaxy 1&2). It kept the open world design from 64 that was largely lost in the Galaxies, made some of the special jumps easier to perform, introduced the FLUDD which really changed the way you thought about the platforming in the game and just went hogwild apeshit crazy in creating the character of Delfino Plaza and all the worlds connected to it.

64 was a revolution. Both Galaxies are tight (waggle aside), refined, incredible-to-experience games. I adore 3D Land and 3D World, but they are they in their own "2.5D" league. That's not to diminish their quality or what they accomplished. It's just difficult to make 1-to-1 comparisons with the truer 3D entries in the series.

But if I'm looking for the overall best of the 4? I'm pointing to Sunshine. That game still looks great too (saw its speedrun-race during SGDQ - bananas). But I like departures and risks largely. Majora's Mask is my favorite 3D Zelda game.

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Not sure if this is an issue with the new chat in particular but Bombin' in the AM is going on right now (18/07/2014) and chat is not working for me at all while it obviously is for other people.

The Hide/Prefs/Chat/Replies buttons are not working either and it shows that there are 0 people watching and 0 people chatting.

I'm having the exact same problem here, have been since at least last week, if not longer. I'm running Chrome 36.0.1985.125 on a Macbook running OS 10.9.3. However, I just tested it in Firefox (30.0) and my chat seems to be working fine.

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It's not that I didn't like Skyward Sword. At the end of 2011, I'm pretty sure it found its way into my top 10 of the year. It's that I hold the 3D Zelda games in exceptionally high esteem. It's the same issue I have with the 3D Mario games - none of them are bad by any means, nor do I dislike any of them, it's just that certain entries didn't live up to the high standards set by the other games in the series.

So I suppose you could say, yes I disliked Skyward Sword. Comparatively. I found it to be the weakest of the 5 3D Zeldas, and by a significant margin too. Some of that actually is attributable directly to its misfortune of being the 5th 3D Zelda released and the 5th one I played. The world wasn't as memorable for me, the villain was weak and uninteresting, despite being released in 2011, it felt archaic in its game design (that fight - you know, THAT godawful one - repeated 3 times, reusing the illuminating the world mechanic from Twilight Princess, going through the same areas over and over).

That being said, it is still a solid, competent game. I really liked some of the dungeon design (the sand ship stands out in my mind proudly). This game's depiction and explanation of Ganon/Ganondorf was incredibly interesting.

OoT and MM had worlds that felt huge to me. And full. TP felt huge too, though with less memorable areas and seemingly more empty. WW and SS both portend to be way more massive. But while WW is purposefully empty, the sailing mechanic executed very nicely, SS boils down to a collection of exceedingly narrow, unexplorable corridors that you follow through the lower world.

But thankfully we've had some truly great non-Zelda Zelda-style games over the past few years. Okami, Darksiders, the Souls series - all I have scratched a somewhat similar itch that Zelda games have in the past. Plus, A Link Between Worlds was just delightful.

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You can attack mid-air out of a pogo to break the pogo.

Okay. I'm just being stupid. Great. GREAT.

No worries, duder. I feel that way often in games. Portal 2 had me shaking my head at my tunnel-vision/forgetfulness.

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You can attack mid-air out of a pogo to break the pogo.

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Come now, we can be friends. I love friends!!

Steam ID: omniscientcajun

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Sent my join request as well. PSN and Bungie account name are the same as my one here. A little bit of each part of what the alpha had to offer, whet my appetite pretty damn well. I'm excited for September.

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Team blue!! In the lead!

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Just got my code and typed it in. I'll be playing in an estimated 77 hours. See you guys then!!