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Kind of a downer.

I own a lot of PS3 digital games, and none of them are available. I actually started purchasing more after I heard a rumor that we'd be able to stream them on PS4. Not so.

Looks like everything is a rental. There are no purchases. Depending on popularily of a game, you can spend

$3-8 on a 4 hour rental

$6-12 on a 7 day rental

$8-23 on a 30 day rental

$15-50 on a 90 day rental

(There are tiers between these, just looked at the cheapest and most expensive items. Everything is X.99, so I just rounded up to the nearest dollar.)

To make matters worse, there are no demos on the service, either for games, or to showcase the technology to people who weren't in the closed beta.

This is a HUGE misstep. Hopefully they reconsider their offerings and change the service accordingly like they did with PS Plus, but for the moment, they've delivered a turd. I honestly don't see there being many takers.

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Moebius was the original page and needs to stay because it had videos attached to it by staff during the Kickstarter, it just needs to have the name changed to the final name. Moebius: Empire Rising may have been added unintentionally as a new Steam release, and can be safely deleted.

I've updated as much of the original Moebius page as I can using post-release info from Moebius: Empire Rising after some initial confusion, so after a name change we should be all set. Thanks!

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@aviar said:

Too bad we couldn't get @patrickklepek to check this out for us. Thought he was our new Japanese anime game tester.

@demoskinos Thanks for posting all your thoughts, I am still on the fence about this one. I'm just not sure what the wife would say as I'm sitting there playing this one! I think the thing that really threw me on the fence were the micro-transactions. Kind of disappointed they are charging the $30 bucks for the game then trying to get us to drop more coin on it. I agree with you on Culdcept. I picked up Culdcept first on the PS2 then on the 360 and love that game. It's a great mixture of Monopoly and Magic: The Gathering which is a very interesting collaboration but it works great.

Just started playing the other day and

1. Aside from one story specific instance where you have to do the rub minigame (as a tutorial and to unlock the option), you pretty much decide when you're going to do the embarrassing stuff.

2. The game zooms in really tightly on areas and you have to pan around and find "weak points" to tap/rub. It's very pat your head, rub your belly, not fun, and not at all titillating. You're too focused on finding the spot that triggers stars and mining them for as much meter progess as possible before the time runs out to even have it register what you're ostensibly doing. If you succeed, the card "evolves" into a more powerful form with less clothing.

Really important though: As currency for these chances at an upgrade, you earn P.Rub by performing well in combat. Rank SS (highest), you get enough PP to level two basic cards up one level, and it grows exponentially from there. Or fail twice, like I just did on Hydra.

MOST IMPORTANT: I tried reloading my save, the P.Rub currency REMAINS SPENT. That's just messed up.

The plot is sweet and cute though, it belongs more in a kids game. It's basically all-female Pokemon, and Pikachu helps female Ash discover her confidence and her inner strength as a Pokemon trainer.

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Project Beast: Dark Souls-esque attempt to cash in on lucrative Monster Hunter craze

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The reason sales are such a big thing now is the industry has reached the point where ease of access made content so ubiquitous that sales are necessary to stand out in the crowd. You're not going to fight that by saying you'll never have a sale, you're going to end up selling a fraction of what you could have sold instead.

The next step isn't raising the price of games and doing away with sales for a new golden age of game appreciation, the next step is Netflix. The next step is a subscription-based service. (Sorry Gametap, you were ahead of your time.) We'll see what happens with Playstation Now.

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@jerseyscum said:

@nmc2008: At least Patrick can hold his booze unlike this pussy.

To be fair, that would mean he has 14 more nerve endings and can treat himself oh-so-right.

From the chat it looks like they have had a flirtatious friendship in the past, or at least one she's able to laugh off repeatedly and still try to provide useful information in spite of NDAs. His problem was going for the same inappropriate comment repeatedly, and then the off-the-rails soliloquy at the end there. If he hadn't typed that, this would have been a complete non-issue and they probably would still be friendly. She was ready to dismiss it as drunken behavior before that.

Honestly, I'm more offended by him pinning this on his dead brother than making a damn fool out of himself to someone who is not interested at all in what he's selling. Seriously, fuck you, guy. You didn't drunkenly hit on a woman because you miss your brother, you did so because you want to get your dick wet. Unless you're saying you've become more of a horndog since he died and because he died, which is even more disturbing. Seriously, wtf.

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Saw it on Youtube and it looks surprisingly good considering how dated the visuals are. And by "looks good," I mean concept, execution, etc. Kinda like a futuristic Deus Ex or something. ...Futuristicker.

Everyone on the ship has a chess piece rank, they all have their personalities and you can interact with them and get +/- alignment with them. There are achievements for being loved and hated by everyone... it also looks like you're Omikron: The Nomad Soul or something (Or Sam Beckett, similar concept).

Definitely picking it up during the next Steam sale, but 17.99 seems like too much money for this game, especially when the A-list titles of the last generation I haven't gotten to are all going on clearance at this point.

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@dewar said:

Paying for the service and then paying again to rent the game is a bad deal. It's why On-live failed and it doesn't make me hopeful for this service.

Other write-ups made it sound like an either or thing.

Onlive never did any of that. They failed because of poor management, lack of consumer confidence, poor messaging, and catering to a demographic that barely existed -- the hardcore gamer who couldn't afford consoles or a gaming PC, yet was willing to throw a full $60 at versions of games they didn't actually own and performed worse both graphically and due to latency.

There was always a place for this technology, and Sony is right on. Basically a console version of Gametap. Nintendo has been minting money off of it for years with Virtual Console, but leaving money on the table by not offering some sort of subscription plan with all of the games no one is willing to pay full Mario money for yet would like to try, and sweeten the pot by making some of the premium games available in a retation, like certain F2P titles do (Super Monday Night Combat, etc).

So Sony will do well, but only if they position this correctly.

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@clarkers: I decided to not go with a facecam since I didn't really see the point of it. Other than seeing how tired I get by the time I finish.

Turns out I won't be on my own the entire time now since my best friend(SMTDante89 on this site) will be joining in for a hour or two during my stream.

Yeah, same logic here. I'm going to be miserable enough towards the end, and if I need to take my pants off, so be it.

I've got a few volunteers to help keep the tedium and lack of human contact at bay so I should be ok for most of it. Right now I'm left wondering about logistics, like when do I eat, and what if I have to take a shit?

I figure I can queue up some episodes of the Super Mario Bros Super Show to stream out while I take Pokemon Y into the bathroom with me and pinch out some dig dugs.