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@rapid: umm, yeah i have no idea, and I imagine there's no way to preview it in game?

Have you tried checking the Warframe forums? They seem pretty thorough and would be able to give you an idea as to how it would look/whether it would qualify.

Well I could do that with the consent of course of uberexplodey since he made them ;P

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Sign me the eff up, probably won't be able to get it right at release though...

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@rapid: umm, yeah i have no idea, and I imagine there's no way to preview it in game?

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Well , you could get a cheap laptop if you're not looking into doing any serious pc gaming.

If you really really want a desktop PC perhaps something like this would work, yes I very much like corsair ;), also I just picked any case but you should choose one that you like most, I think it's hard to fit a GPU under 400 bucks, maybe someone with more knowledge can.

But you can safely use the i3's integrated graphics (I would assume it plays hearthstone just fine) until you can afford a GTX 960 or something.

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@evohero: was it a long time ago or just now? it can take like 10 or so minutes to go through, was what happened to me.

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@uberexplodey: Those are great, I personally really like the first one, plus I believe we should really use the last one for the alliance.

Maybe just change the colors a bit, something more pronounced.

something like this:

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Silver player coins? you mean credits or platinum? unless you have some platinum you will not be able to trade at all, it's all about the plat.

Not sure about this frame specifically, but I've seen some full prime set blue prints being sold for like 50 - 100 platinum.

Also keep in mind that what people usually trade are blueprints and not the finished thing as far as I can tell(maybe they do at a higher plat price), so even though you'll save yourself some MASSIVE grind time you'll still need the shit load of resources those things usually require to craft, so you may still have a hefty portion of grind to do either way.

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damn, look at them pro strats.

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I hope it does, but also hope that it's a better port than 13 because god damn..