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Yeah unfortunately I don't think so, the game is badly optimizied and runs far from ideal even on high end cards.

I'd be surprised if it even launched with intel hd graphics.

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yep, it's pretty badly optimized.

I have a i5 running at 4.5 GHz, 16gigs of 2400 ram and a GTX 680 and with unlocked framerates plus everything on maximun settings I get about 45-50 FPS on average (dipping bellow 20 during cutscenes for some reason)

right now as long as nvidia doesn't release a magical driver or capcom "fix" it themselves the better slternative is to leave the fps locked at 30.

Or you can change the "game quality" setting to something lower, it's what hits the hardest, it's the internal res in which the game is rendered, there's 720p(what the console version ran), 900p, 1080p and full to render in whichever res you got going.

But really I recommend maxing all settings and leaving the fps locked, even though I was getting playable fps with it unlocked the constant variation was distracting as hell, and for what is worth you'll still get a way better experience than the XONE, which couldn't even keep constant 30 FPS rendering at 720p...

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as weird as it may sound I'm actually thinking Destiny...

I even said how the game seemed very generic and uninspired before, then watched the ps3 version QL and decided to give it a try.

maybe it's because I went in with really low expectations after everything that had been said about it but God damn I'm loving it, can't remember the last time I was this hooked in a game.

I like how misterious the story is, leaves a lot to your imagination, and the action is pretty fucking solid, strikes are intense and fun as hell.

anyway, I like it!

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@blakdeth: dude... here have some pictures

and here's the only other piece of destiny content taking up space on the HDD

So I really have absolutely no idea why it says 24 GB on the psn store page, the file I downloaded from psn was a little bit less in size then the size you see after installed on the picture there, so logically speaking if you had 20 gigs free you are set, first you'll download a file around 7.3 gigs, then you'll install it, which means you'll need at least around 15 gigs (20 is to be safe), after which you'll delete the downloaded installation file and that's it.

Personally I'm liking Destiny but I don't think it's the game that should make you buy a new console for, I actually had decided to wait for a probable PC version, but after watching the PS3 version Ql I decided to go for it, since it looked alright , and I do not regret it.

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How exactly can a weaker console make the experience better?

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@hailinel: well regardless of difficulty settings, how much damage they take or on what rate they attack, it just looks absolutely ridiculous.. I mean just look at that! it's like they didn't even tried to make it look good and believable, and that's my problem with this series, it just feels and looks fucking lazy as hell, it was like that when it first came out and it is still like that now, I just don't get why people keep buying these things...

Well either way, I don't want to hijack the thread, it's just... seeing that last quick look and then someone saying they bought it I had to say something.. but it's your money and you may do with it as you please of course, but god damn....

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Really? even seeing that part of the latest oroshi something or whatever quick look where Jeff just stood still while all the "enemies" just clumped around him, glitching around while doing exactly NOTHING didn't convince you otherwise? wow... well good luck with that I guess...

edit: here's the part I mentioned, yep sure looks like a quality product worth your hard earned cash...

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@blakdeth: when I downloaded it was a 7 GB file, and checking it on my PS3 now it's occupying about 7.5 GB, so I have no idea where this 24 GB thing came from, maybe people are looking at the PS4 version reqs? but yeah if you have at least 10 GB free you should be fine.

edit: or rather at least 20 gigs ? I don't know how the installation on the ps3 works, you'll have a 7 gig file and the need to install so yeah at least 20 gigs , I guess thats why they say you need 24 gigs? anyway perfectly doable with a 40 gig drive, you'll just have to free up some space probably.

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I think that in the end the game is just not that good period, nod bad, but not great too (and some people seemed to be thinking it was the second coming of christ or something)

Comparing it with monster hunter is not very accurate at all, not even the loot driven approach of both games can be compared, totally different things, also all the loot stuff on Destiny just seem so fucking shallow in comparison to something like Diablo that can have some crazy stuff attached to an item that REALLY make a huge difference.

Not to mention combat, Destiny comprises of holding the trigger till the enemy is dead, occasionally retreating to let your life regenerate, while in MH you have to master combos(each weapon type behaving wildly different), dodging, blocking, crafting good health recovery items, knowing when to use said recovery items, learning monster attack patterns(in contrast with Destiny where they all just point and shoot at you, or blindly rush you) I mean mechanically speaking its pretty much night and day, you can't possibly compare, and given grinding largely employs combat, that makes a huge difference on that aspect.

Yeah unfortunately it's just an average game with a shallow story and very average shallow mechanics, maybe it will get better after the multitude of DLC they obviously have planned for this thing who knows.

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Not many at all

  • Diablo
  • Half-Life
  • Portal
  • Phoenix Wright (including the Appolo justice one and that weird Edgeworth spinoff, which is fantastic btw)
  • Doom
  • GTA

And That's it i think...can't think of nothing else, most big franchises I probably at least tried all entries, but finishing to completion that's a whole different story.