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So if you're like me and have some interest in EVE, you'll know that it's rife with internal politics and mayhem at the best of times. Corporations merge with other corporations, conglomerates emerge. It's a fascinating sandbox of potential. Cause and effect permeates much of the game, leading to situations like this:


An alliance forgot to pay 'rent' for a specific plot of space land. This caused their territory to become neutral, allowing other alliances to attempt to seize control of the now ownerless land. Needless to say, it wasn't very appreciated. From what I understand, the EVE galaxy is in a state of complete mayhem. Large scale battles have erupted, with players scrambling to get home from jobs to defend their turf. Profiteers are rampant as the market reels from the confrontation.

Colossal ships, dubbed the Titan class have been deployed to the conflict. As of now, up to 8+ have been destroyed in the ensuing firefight. It's worth mentioning that each titan takes many months to construct, and has a real world value of around 2-6 thousand USD.

A fascinating time to be in EVE, are any of you guys involved in the conflict? What do you think about it?

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So I missed the announcement. What's going on? Is this going to be a semi-regular feature, or another fully-fledged DS endurance run?

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Not exactly a book, but I'm reading the Lovecraft collection. Having only had a very basic idea of what his writing was about, it's eye-opening to see how much contemporary media/horror is based off his masterful pieces.

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I enjoyed the article, the part pertaining to Machinima was especially vulgar. However I find it slightly disconcerting that the writer initially introduced the topic by stating "I want to communicate, not garner some hits on a graph" then closes the comment section. Upon reading the suffix, I can understand that he doesn't wish to have the comment section ladened with abusive vitirol. However I feel as if he's trying to create a Velvet Revolution wherein the sexist masses suddenly realise the error of their ways.

I feel that for any change to occur in the industry, there needs to be harsh criticism on both sides - even if that includes comment sections that resemble an emotional quagmire. Hopefully throughout the controversy, a maturing consensus will actually occur and potentially some form of change enacted. I'm not trying to be an anarchist, but by all means, create more discussion on this issue.

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Welcome back, Rorie. You were genuinely one of my favourite guys back in the Whiskey era. I hope there's going to more fantastic puppy-related content in future!

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I live in a suburb located just outside of Melbourne, Australia. It has an almost unpronounceable name, gifted to it by Indigenous Australians and is also the home of the worlds most bizarrely complex and dangerous intersection in this history of roads.

Look at it. It's an abomination

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Ohhh mannn, this is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)/Bachelor of Arts at Swinburne U. Pretty heavy material, but I enjoy it.

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I really enjoyed this weeks Wednesday Live Show. Eric Tay seems like a total bro and Waters isn't half bad either. I'm optimistic this may grow into something good and the cross-pollination between GS/GB will not only bring in more diverse content, but additional viewers for Giant Bomb.