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The RPS interview was predatory and self indulgent. While there's definitely value in ensuring accountability in game development, it shouldn't come at the price of vehemently poisonous hit-pieces that effectively kick a man while he's down. The piece didn't strike me as hard hitting journalism, but more akin to a vulture desperately trying to get his pound of flesh. This exchange legitimately made me feel for him:

Peter Molyneux: I literally work sixteen hours a day. I literally work sixteen hours a day. I don’t do that just to lie to people, I do it because I believe I’m doing. I totally believe in what I’m trying to make. Yeah, and you can rile the backers up and get them to ask for their money back and you can say, ‘Oh, you’ve broken your promises,’ but I’m still doing it. I’m still working on it. I’m still putting every ounce of my energy. I’m still not going to my son’s play because I had to work on Godus. I’m still getting shouted at by my wife because I’m not home. Do you know what time I got home last night? Two-thirty in the morning.

RPS: I don’t–

Peter Molyneux: Do you know what I was doing? I was dealing with the shit that all of this has come up, rather than working on Godus.

RPS: But–

Peter Molyneux: I’m someone, I’m defined by what I do in this industry and I love it so much. And, you know, it emotionally hurts me to have someone like yourself be so angry with me and really all I want to do is make a great game. That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do.

RPS: Do you think you can make a great game?

Peter Molyneux: I think I can try.

Molyneux is a relic from a bygone era, much of his greatness has faded. It's truly sad to see such a pivotal, revolutionary character laid low.

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@onced said:

An equally intelligent and motivated woman is capable of reaching the same height as a man.

That is just not true. There have been numerous studies that show that women are less likely to be hired than a man with the exact same credentials, regardless of the gender of the employer.

My comment was directed towards the quoted poster, who claimed that females consistently dominate professions that are unskilled in nature in relation to educational disparity. I was attempting to redress this claim by highlighting women's involvement in tertiary-educated professions is not as dire as he/she suggests. I'm not trying to tackle the tricky nature of employment statistics, just showing that females of today are more empowered in educated professions than the poster submits and certainly more than history has allowed.

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@gaff said:

@jarmahead: Could you name examples of female dominated industries and fields?

Exactly what I was thinking. The reason we have female-dominated industries and fields is because we put them there. The nursing industry is a prime example, men have historically always been prioritised when it comes to getting an education, thus women working in the medical field were relegated to the role of nurse. Same goes for primary school education where women were traditionally made responsible for children's early education.

Virtually the only female-dominated industries that come to mind are those in fashion and cosmetics, and even then there are considerably more men at the executive in those industries than there were women at the same level in male-dominated industries.

Just jumping on the bandwagon here.

In my country (Australia) women are extremely prevalent across an incredibly diverse set of professions. Coming from someone who was studying to be a healthcare professional, implying that women are "relegated" to the role of a nurse is incredibly short sighted. I think you may undervalue or are ignorant of the education and training that goes into creating adept nurses. To continue your example of healthcare, not only do women make up the majority of allied health (speech pathologists, psychologists etc.) but they're increasingly common -- and often outnumber their male colleagues -- in specialty areas of medicine. This is not symptomatic of a culture which elevates males above females.

Of course it's just not in the health industry in which women thrive. Other areas such as law are filled to the brim with capable, bright women. Without any disrespect, your claim that "the only industries that come to mind are fashion and cosmetics.." is extremely reductive of women's achievements. Society at one point was very sexist, where extremely motivated women were held underfoot of a male dominated world. But this is no longer the case. An equally intelligent and motivated woman is capable of reaching the same height as a man. While there exists areas in which men and women are naturally (I understand that may be a controversial word, but I mean no offense) drawn, this should not be a flash point for criticism. Differences, so long as they are not damaging, should be celebrated.

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I'd like editorial staff who aren't immediately put on the defensive when their profession is called into question. In recent days there have been some extremely valid points regarding impartiality of the gaming press. Some of the community outpourings have been heard (albeit tentatively) by some, but others are actively deriding the concept. I'm speaking of tongue-in-cheek comments of "I did X am I still impartial?". It reeks of insecurity in the face of a paradigm shift and it feels incredibly regressive.

The mantle of journalism to either find a place or vanish completely from games media. It's a title that's tacked on and removed when appropriate. You can't try to persuade your audience, claim you adhere to standards, then suddenly throw your hands up in the air and go "but we're not journalists!" when shit hits the fan. That's straight up disingenuous.

Shifting the focus of games media back to games. I don't need opinion pieces of politically charged issues splattered all over gaming sites. I honestly don't need to hear how terrible some of the community is because scandal number #2524443 happened overnight. What I need is a competent, functioning body of professionals who understand their audience, improve their own practice and remain as close to objectivity as possible.

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So if you're like me and have some interest in EVE, you'll know that it's rife with internal politics and mayhem at the best of times. Corporations merge with other corporations, conglomerates emerge. It's a fascinating sandbox of potential. Cause and effect permeates much of the game, leading to situations like this:


An alliance forgot to pay 'rent' for a specific plot of space land. This caused their territory to become neutral, allowing other alliances to attempt to seize control of the now ownerless land. Needless to say, it wasn't very appreciated. From what I understand, the EVE galaxy is in a state of complete mayhem. Large scale battles have erupted, with players scrambling to get home from jobs to defend their turf. Profiteers are rampant as the market reels from the confrontation.

Colossal ships, dubbed the Titan class have been deployed to the conflict. As of now, up to 8+ have been destroyed in the ensuing firefight. It's worth mentioning that each titan takes many months to construct, and has a real world value of around 2-6 thousand USD.

A fascinating time to be in EVE, are any of you guys involved in the conflict? What do you think about it?

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So I missed the announcement. What's going on? Is this going to be a semi-regular feature, or another fully-fledged DS endurance run?

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Not exactly a book, but I'm reading the Lovecraft collection. Having only had a very basic idea of what his writing was about, it's eye-opening to see how much contemporary media/horror is based off his masterful pieces.

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I enjoyed the article, the part pertaining to Machinima was especially vulgar. However I find it slightly disconcerting that the writer initially introduced the topic by stating "I want to communicate, not garner some hits on a graph" then closes the comment section. Upon reading the suffix, I can understand that he doesn't wish to have the comment section ladened with abusive vitirol. However I feel as if he's trying to create a Velvet Revolution wherein the sexist masses suddenly realise the error of their ways.

I feel that for any change to occur in the industry, there needs to be harsh criticism on both sides - even if that includes comment sections that resemble an emotional quagmire. Hopefully throughout the controversy, a maturing consensus will actually occur and potentially some form of change enacted. I'm not trying to be an anarchist, but by all means, create more discussion on this issue.

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Welcome back, Rorie. You were genuinely one of my favourite guys back in the Whiskey era. I hope there's going to more fantastic puppy-related content in future!