My general video game setup..

I was just cleaning my room and I decided I'd make a blog with my setup for some reason. (Not trying to get the chaste monk quest completed, or anything..) ..yes I'm that bored. 
Yeah so I'll start with my xbox. 

From top to bottom: Linksys router, modem, Xbox 360 arcade, Cable box.  
Next I'll go to my monitor.  

It's an Haier? Good quality, 24 inches, and only $200 so whatever. Blue controller I "borrowed" from my friend. I've had it for over a year now. 
Next I'll go to my 360 game collection.  

 Games that have been pretty much retired. 

The games I actually play still.  

Next the mess of wires under my desk.. 

 I've tried organizing them, didn't work out well for anyone. That white plastic thing is my Dazzle Capture Card. 

 Last, but not least my laptop.  

 It's a Toshiba! My ALT key fell off at @SumDeus: 's house, never did get that back..

And that completes the tour of my room (well the video games at least). Hope the few people that actually see this enjoyed it. Feel free to make a response blog with your setup.  Stay classy, San Diego. 
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